is pretty much how I feel.

The last time I was this sick was, coincidentally, the last time I had tonsillitis.

I’m getting better, alhumdulillah, but I’m completely out of it. I have developed a lower respiratory infection as well so I have really bad coughing fits that shake my entire body and black out my eyesight.

They gave me a cough syrup that lights me up like a Christmas tree though, so most of the time I feel pretty good (as I slur my words).

Thank you to everyone who has been thinking about me and praying for me. It was touch and go for awhile and I can only think of how much worse it would have been before they had the medicines that we have now.

I can’t imagine that I would have survived something like this without antibiotics. SubhanAllah.

I will blog again as I get stronger, but right now I am going to go get some more sleep with my Zuzu attached to my side. That cat has done nothing but sleep on my since I got sick.



10 responses to “fkjhew8ysh

  1. Aw Molly, I hope you feel better soon!

  2. Shafackallah Molly. May Allah reward you and make your path easy ameen

  3. Alhamdulillah I’m glad you feel better. InshaAllah you’ll continue!! Miss you. Happy Valentine’s Day.

  4. May you feel better soon, Insha’Allah.

  5. salam
    OH noes! incha Allah get better soon!
    that type of cold is the suck

  6. Hey sweetie, get working on that visa as soon as you have strength so you can come home. Hugs and positive vibes headed your way.

  7. Salamaaaaaaaaaaaat, ya habibti. I’m glad your kitty is by your side and you’re not totally alone! 🙂

  8. salam

    hope you have a full and fast recovery inshAllah. antibiotics are a blessing indeed!

  9. alhamdulillah i am glad you are getting better.

  10. Take care! I hope you are feeling better soon.

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