Priceless Moments in Salah (Prayer)

This afternoon I noticed my socks were (are) mismatched.

Also, now that there are three more girls to share the often lonely office with me, we all usually pray together. Agomaa-style. This afternoon, before I noticed my socks didn’t match, I remembered back to when I first became a Muslim and didn’t have a clue of how to pray beyond the usual bend, prostrate, and then stick your finger in the air. I didn’t know any surat, I didn’t know any of the dua, I didn’t even know how many rakat were in each prayer and which prayer was prayed when.

I was a definite newbie.

But I would pray in a group at my wali’s house, all of us together, and his daughter-in-law would keep watch over me. Whenever we would get to the point of sitting on our heels and reciting the tashahud she would literally hold me down from getting back up again as I didn’t even know how many rakat had to pass before we said the shehada. One time  I was half-way up again when she grabbed me by the knee. I almost fell flat on my face.

It was hilarious and this afternoon, while sitting on my heels and reciting the tashahud, I remembered that moment fondly and thought about how far I have come.

For anyone who is a new Muslim out there, don’t worry about the mistakes you might make. Remember that God gives you more reward for your blundering attempts than seasoned Muslims get for all their knowledge, because of the intention you put behind it.


Agomaa= in a group
surat= verses from the Quran
du’a= prayers you recite within prayer
rakat= the entire series of motions one goes through while praying (broken up into sections of the prayer)
wali= Guardian, father figure, like a God-father in Islam
tashahud/ shehada= tashahud is the point in prayer where we recite the shehada (I testify that there is no God but God and Mohamed is the Messenger of God)


7 responses to “Priceless Moments in Salah (Prayer)

  1. Mashaa Allaah Molly! This was a cute post. I certainly remember my first days practicing again, trying to pray with a skull cap and a friend’s neck scarf draped over my bosom with my tight jeans and jacket on! Those sisters in the MSA musalla must have been looking at me like “What tha???” Alhamdu lillaah for good sisters who were patient with us and taught us. How long have you been muslim BTW?

  2. Yes, its so much nicer when people are kind about teaching. I have been a muslim for almost 4 years now alhumdulillah. And you?

  3. I was born to muslim parents, but started practicing about 11 years ago alhamdu lillaah.

    I’m sorry, I don’t believe I’ve properly introduced myself…ahem…here goes…I’m Asiya, Africanamerican native Washingtonian (yes, the nation’s capital), living in Cairo for the past almost 5 years alhamdu lillaah. Hubby and I have 4 munchkins. Very nice to meet you sister :)… (pirouetting).

  4. Errr, that pirouette was supposed to be a curtsey…but a pirouette will do…I always wanted to be a ballerina anyways, lol!

  5. What a sweet story! Kinda wish I had someone to watch out for me like that. I’m stuck in a bit of a funny place at the moment… I officially left my church and denomination when I was 17 and have been more or less happy living my own brand of self-defined faith until recently. Now I wish I could be part of a community again, but don’t really know which one to choose — all I know is that I do not ever want to go back to the one I left. (And that I’m not interested in polytheistic religions or Catholicism, but that still leaves open too many options!) If only there were someone I trusted enough to guide me!

  6. Princess, when I read your words I saw an open heart, just ready to let the light of guidance in! I sincerely pray that you are guided to the truth in life. In fact I’m confident you will be guided, since God never lets the sincerity of a person be lost. I understand what you say about trusting someone enough to guide you, and I pray you do find the support and community you are looking for. But for now, I humbly advise you to put your trust in God. He is the One who Guides to the truth, and as long as He’s guiding you, you’ll never be lost.

    Take care, and may God bless you.

  7. Salam ‘

    I have just converted abouth 4 weeks ago I have always been around people of islan faith ,but did not what to get in to islam for what I saw ,I meet with a new group in the community and started attending their class ,I still have a lot to lear hope to get the pease am looking for, Insallah

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