Oh Hai, We Have Employees Now.

Can someone please explain to me how even though we have hired three new people (to which process I have dedicated the last three months of my life, plus continuing time on payroll and other things) I am still the one being asked to call the grocery store, go down and tell the office errand boy what we need him to pick up, and every other little tidbit of footwork?

A few reasons why I shouldn’t be the one doing these things:

1- I don’t speak Arabic. The three new girls do. The office boy/grocery store does not speak English.

2- I am the (at the last count) Manager of Marketing, Human Resources, AND Administration, plus I function as secretary and all around butt-monkey.

3- From my first day I was expected to do a ton of shiz. We have three employees sitting around on their “training period” (of which I never had training OR a training period) so basically they are doing nothing while I have a huge list of things to do. Where was my training period?

From here on out I am going to start delegating and woe to the boss who complains that I’m giving work to them. Woe, woe, and some more woe. I’m very tired of this.

Tired of Egypt. Tired of Arabic and not speaking it. Tired of living here, and getting very tired of this job.

I’m a manager, right?

Managers delegate.



9 responses to “Oh Hai, We Have Employees Now.

  1. go delegate woman!!! insha’allah it gets easier for you over there.

  2. Absolutely, delegate. You’re supposed to.

  3. It must get discouraging how different things are in Egypt. When I was working there, I had a job in a call centre, and they literally spent 2 weeks teaching us how to do it before we even touched a phone… Being the employee doing almost nothing for those 2 weeks was fine by me, but seriously… how much training does one need?! One of the ones being trained with me actually needed extra days after because they didn’t judge him ready. So strange.

  4. I feel sorry for you! Yes managers delegate…other things is that they let you do it!

  5. I’m sorry you’re not enjoying the place too much. 😦 Try to get out of the city a little more … you know what a breath of fresh air (literally and figuratively) it can be.

  6. Sweety, talk to the boss(es). I am SURE it will help. Insha’Allah!


  7. Getting tired of Egypt, eh? Are you in Cairo or Alex? My sister lives in Alex, so if you’re there, you guys should definitely hook up. She speaks English 😀

  8. Delegate, delegate, delegate!! But do it with grace… 🙂

    Love you!!! Mom

    *sniffs*.. The Arizona Cardinals played a valiant game tonight, but Pittsburgh had just a few too many minutes left at the end of the game….

  9. oh crud, I missed the superbowl.

    thats ok, I only ever watched for the commercials and the only ones I would have seen here would be ones for showtime movies.

    love you.

    PS- I delegated. A lot. It was cool.

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