Is it Wednesday? Can I be Random?

*gasp* Shocking:

In England they did a study on the “Doner kebab” (or in Americanese we would call it a Gyro) and found that as well as being incredibly unhealthy:

Six kebabs were found to include pork when it had not been declared as an ingredient, of which two were described as Halal. (source)

Ouch. I’ll be up-front, I don’t restrict myself to “zabiha halal” when I’m in the states because of this reason; its expensive, its hard to find, and you can never be entirely sure- unless you butcher it yourself- that it is actually zabiha. Case in point I know of a small pizza and chicken wings place off of Larpenteur and Rice St in St Paul (for my fellow paisanos its the shop next to Club Kristal) that had been originally owned by Muslims and the food was labelled as “halal” and “zabiha” so I knew of a number of Muslims who would eat pepperoni pizza there because it was halal. The shop changed hands to some Mexicans who I was friends with, of which one of them was Muslim and the rest were not, they co-oped, kicked the one Muslim out, and stopped buying the meat “zabiha.” Heck, they may have even started buying pork products by now as they are not constricted by their religion, and yet in the window and on the menus it still said “zabiha halal” and Muslims were still coming in to buy food (last time I was there.)

So, really, there’s no way of knowing unless you are butchering the animals yourself.

Moving on but still talking about animals…

There was a small ray of hope for me today in terms of Cairo not being all hate and corruption: puppies. Those of you who have been to or live in Cairo know that it is liberally populated by feral dogs and cats so seeing animals starving in the streets is a daily occurence. Two days ago I noticed a couple of new puppies living in an abandoned lot near my house. They are very young and extremely emaciated, you can count all of their ribs and vertibrae from 5 feet away. Every morning I see them and my heart breaks a little wishing I could adopt them and feed them but knowing that I cannot and that I don’t really have any food I could give them, I have to walk on by knowing that they probably won’t survive. This morning I was greeted by the sight of a pile of shredded bread left at the gate of the abandoned lot for them and them wolfing it down like the hungry little wolves they are. Humanity strikes again. There are some warm hearts left in this cold world.


9 responses to “Is it Wednesday? Can I be Random?

  1. That is disturbing. My husband is discouraged about the situation. He has been here for over a year and at some point gave up on the halal thing. It’s hard to find and not super regulated anyway. We buy the only halal meat we have in the city, but we don’t go out to Montreal anymore to buy it. It’s just so much trouble to go all that way when we work full time, etc.
    Anyway, the calories and other stats are really disgusting too! It really is better to just eat at home. At least you know what you put in your own food (mostly).

  2. I’m not really surprised as my mom’s family is Greek and you have to outright ask every time. My fellow Muslim friends decided once to go to Greek restaurant and asked me to come along to help them decipher the menu. They were shocked and appalled when they asked if the kebab and gyros were zabiha halal and it weren’t. I told them that gyros sometimes contain pork so they should ask (this restaurant’s didn’t though). The entire party of 10 walked out – which left me embarrassed because I know the family who owns the place. First of all, why would they assume a GREEK restaurant would be zabiha?
    My dad is a regional manager for the meat market of Kroger. He’s also allergic to pork so it was pretty much an avoided substance growing up, though family would warn him when something contained bacon or whatnot. Mr. B and I don’t adhere to the zabiha-only rule, but it’s wise to never assume anything. People are so paranoid about things like wine being in their pasta sauce (which it’s always a touchy subject, but the alcohol is eventually cooked out), but they’ll wind up eating pork and veal meatballs because they assume it’s all beef.
    The same thing happened in our city when Mexicans who worked for a Muslim business left to start their own Mediterranean-style place. Sure, they serve kebab and the like, but they also serve beer. My friends assume it’s halal, but why would it be?!

    I’m glad to hear someone fed the puppies. It’s so sad : (

  3. masha’allah.. nice to know there are some good people around 🙂 as for the meat… Im soo glad I turned veggie before turning muslim 😉 Ive been asked if I will ever meat again.. my answer? if its raised and killed on my land then yes!! For the same reason I dont believe all this ‘organic’ stuff you see in the shops!!

  4. but you can also leave some bread for th puppies.cant you sister;)

  5. but I love gyros, lol

  6. dictatorprincess

    salam alaikoum
    noes! I know exactly how you feel. Also don’t forget that in the US “halal” butchers sometimes mess with converts and give them the ebola meat, subhan Allah. Been there.

  7. sis, add me on twitter inshaa Allah… how r u? need more blogs! miss u!

  8. I feel bad for the people that ate those gyros. but then again, they didnt know, so it doesnt really affect them. nice blog!

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