Hnh Wha?

Found while doing research for a door knocking campaign in the gulf region:

Major Oil Companies Operating in the Gulf Region

Now, does anyone see what makes me go “huh?”

Wtf does a list of Oil Companies in the Gulf Region have to do with a Jewish Virtual Library and a US-Israeli co-operative?

Now, I’m not really a conspiracy theorist but this just raises all sorts of them red flags. And before anyone gets riled-up about Jewish this or that– I would get suspicious if it were a Buddhist Virtual Library and a US-China co-operative.

But we all know the Isreali activities in the Middle East just make it that much more suspicious.

Of all the funny things to stumble over.

Fishy fishy fishy.


2 responses to “Hnh Wha?

  1. It’s probably because we Israelis are jealous. God led Moses through the desert for 40 years, and couldn’t lead him to someplace with oil? đŸ™‚

  2. Thats hilarious! I love the take. Welcome to my blog, I love people with senses of humor!

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