I need a car, seriously. Its not about the walking, thats really not too much of an issue. Yes I have developed incredibly painful plantar fasciitis*, especially in my right foot, which makes my mornings excruciating and often causes me pain in the evenings, but I think walking is good and healthy.

But the time, and the effort, and the money it costs to take taxis back and forth from work is over the top.

Do any of you, my readers, know of someone in Egypt who will be putting their car into storage, or does not currently use their car, who would be open to renting the car to my husband and I on a monthly basis?

We don’t want to buy a car as our stay in Egypt (inshAllah) is not permanent and we don’t want to go through the hassle of trying to sell the car again when we leave.

It would be so appreciated if you could help us out.

Thank you!

* For anyone who is planning to move to Egypt you need to know that shoes here, even super expensive ones, DO NOT have arch support. At all. Zip. None. Its incredibly frustrating as I have very defined arches and need good arch and heel support. I have never suffered from PF before I moved here, and I actually had no idea what was causing me such pain until I asked my mom. Its excruciating to walk when I first get up in the morning, and if I walked a lot during the day then after sitting down for awhile, to get up again is so very painful. It really is no joke, it hurts. I feel like I’m 100 years old hobbling around and groaning in pain.

Don’t leave your good walking shoes behind with the idea that you will buy shoes for cheaper in Egypt. Yes, they’re cheaper, but so much more expensive in other ways.


13 responses to “Footsore

  1. asalaam alaikum,

    I have seen a few of the ladies I work with suffer from that. They talked about some stretching exercises you can do that helped them. I don’t go back to work until next week, but I will try to remember to ask what they were, so you might get some relief. Take care of yourself!

  2. Sorry to hear you’re in pain, I hope you can find a car to rent inshaAllah. So right about the shoes…Yes, even pricey ones are not comfy for a lot of walking. Maybe that’s why everyone wears shibshibs. (slippers) Feel better.

  3. I guess this explains why my husband said he must have two pairs of $100 shoes brought to him in Algeria. He says the quality is bad and I thought he was just being a spoiled brat. I bought them, but do you think I owe him an apology? hahahahaaha NEVER!

  4. Man UA, he wasn’t playing and you’re a sweet wife for bringing them mashAllah. Seriously, shoe quality here blows.

  5. well, actually, there’s a Clark store where u can buy supportive shoes in exchange for a major body organ.

  6. I don’t have a car to rent, but I do know that some people rent cars on a monthly basis from informal rental companies here. There are varying degrees of quality and prices (and the latter doesn’t necessarily rise in line with the former). Unfortunately, I don’t know any companies. Lynda from Lulu’s Bay was renting, perhaps you could ask her?

  7. ok Molly, so what are you going to do? Can you mom bring you some shoes from the US when she comes to visit?

  8. Salaams Sis:

    Yes, you do need sensible shoes. I wear ones that are similar to black tennis shoes/gym shoes.

    You can also buy an insert that is made just for plantars. Perhaps you mom can send you some. I think Dr. Sholls makes them.

    Also, massage the bottom of her foot. You will need to do a deep massage (it will hurt a bit but is worth it). Sometimes the massage can “reset” the plantars so to speak.

    Do know that plantar problems come and go.

    Until you heal, I suggest even wearing a good pair of supportive shoes in the house. Clean a pair especially for use in the house. And no flat shoes. Your incline should be at least an inch.

  9. Oh my – I mean massage “your” foot, lol

  10. UA- She sent me one pair which has done me WONDERS and she is bringing a second pair of the same shoe in another color when she comes in a week inshAllah. The shoes have seriously turned the pain around, alhumdulillah. I’ll have to see about getting seom good house shoes like Saffiyah is talking about because I think it would help me as well.

  11. have you tried ecco or geox in citystars mall? they are super expensive but will give u the arch support u need.

  12. Don’t mess up with a plantar fasciitis. See a doctor — he’ll prescribe you some exercises, potentially physical therapy.

  13. (that was, “don’t mess”! I still need to get my pronouns under control 🙂

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