I can’t make this up…

*We are having a spate of good internet so I’m making use of it.

I giggle at a lot of the CV’s I am sent and the attempts made to write in English that more often end up sounding very silly; but mostly I feel bad for the authors. It sucks that in order to make the big bucks in a company you must speak a language foreign to your own.

Imagine, for a second, that in order to do any of your white-collar jobs and make a decent wage in the United States you absolutely had to speak, say, Spanish. Fluently. And if you didn’t you were condemned to more menial tasks, lesser wages, and a limited upward mobility.

The US has no official government language, but of course unofficially the main language, the language you have to speak, is English. No foreign languages necessary unless explicitly stated. Egypt HAS an official language, Arabic, but most high level jobs expect the workers to speak English, or German, or even sometimes French.

I received a CV recently with this cover letter:

Why This Jop?

Why not !!!!

Becouse I have a very good experience to how to manage the filds and net works and people under me ( how to manage the work ).

How to suppourt people and agancis Middel East And World Wide also.

“Have a good experience in the service contract”.

Presantations Skills.

Mange the work and the purchasing.

Manage the meetings.

Manag the employs.

Work under streses

Relationship skills.

Have a good network knowledg.

I haven’t changed a thing in the cover letter. Of course it makes me giggle, of course it sounds clownish to us, but understand the earnestness with which this letter was written, the hopes, the dreams, the desires embedded in it. The author probably spent hours agonizing over every word choice.

And it makes me sadder to know that if I attempted to call this person I would have a hard time communicating with him, and that means that I cannot and will not hire him.


4 responses to “I can’t make this up…

  1. I have known a lot of people who had great verbal skills in English, but who didn’t communicate well in writing, so you might not have as hard a time talking to him as you think. Of course if the job calls for being able to write well, there is no reason to bother calling him.

  2. (Salam Alajnabiya!)Someone should tell them about spell check.

  3. Aww, poor guy. You know, in AZ I actually did have an extremely tough time getting a job as a medical assistant because I didn’t speak Spanish. People from my graduating class (people I was surprised even graduated) got jobs right away because they spoke Spanish…and some of them were moronic at best. Luckily the rest of the US isn’t like that šŸ™‚

  4. My husband received many cv’s like this and was often frustrated because it took him so long to find ppl with good writing and english speaking skills. I am american and hubby is egyptian and we reside in cairo btw. I do feel bad as you do that in order for ppl to earn good wages they must speak english well. If i had to speak arabic well to get a good job, i would be a trash collector.

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