Internetting FAIL

All internet to the Middle East is tenuously supplied by one choice underground cable that runs under the Med Sea from Europe; actually from Italy to be exact. Around this time last year that cable was cut and it knocked the Mid East off the internet for a good week.

Apparently again that same cable has been cut off the coast of Italy and whoopsy daisy here we are again without internet. The internet companies in Egypt are now relying on satellite internet which means that the net is very, very, v e r y s l o w. I’m at work with a 36 minute wait on downloading my emails.

This is 1990’s dial-up slow.

Thank God for DSL. Well, at least when we have it again.

I’m wondering why something wasn’t done after all the knee-jerk reaction talks in response to the cable-fiasco last year…

And how does one really actually cut a deeply embedded underground cable lying even yet more deeply underwater? Its not like someone was digging a backyard pool and accidentally snapped it.

This is a giant Internetting FAIL.

Coincidentally this also happens to be my 100th post since I moved to WordPress.


I shall be back online again when the big boys pull their pants up and get to it.

Knowing the Middle East that could be a week or more.


Welcome to Egypt one and all.


One response to “Internetting FAIL

  1. The ‘backyard pool’ comment cracked me up!

    Seems to me that you’re dealing with the primary troubleshooting rule in Egypt:

    a/ If it works, awesome: don’t touch it. No maintenance needed. After all, why tamper with something that works fine?
    b/ If it stops working, blame someone else.
    (like a random ship dropping an anchor on a cable, or a nibbling bank of piranhas or something!)
    c/ Wait for it to work again.
    d/ If it works again, awesome: don’t touch it.

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