My Grandma might not want to read this

What may be a new discovery to outsiders is that Islamic sexual mores are not only about veiling women, segregating the sexes and austerity.

On the contrary, sex is there to be enjoyed to the maximum by Muslims – as long as they are married Muslims – and there are numerous religious exhortations on the importance of foreplay, mutual titillation and satisfaction for both partners.

Indeed, if a husband fails to satisfy his wife sexually – or vice versa – it is considered grounds for divorce under Islamic law.

Taken from the BBC: Sexy secrets of the Syrian souk

Knocking walls of ignorance down one at a time.


5 responses to “My Grandma might not want to read this

  1. I realized this a few years back when I was reading that basically women have to do pretty much everything their hubby wants them to do (within limits) to give him pleasure and in turn receiving pleasure from the fact that her husband is having a good time.
    I never stopped to consider the implications of this because I was getting offended that the husband didn’t have to do what his wife wanted to do in bed.

    • I’m not quite sure I understand what you’re saying…

      Within Islam, and in the Quran in fact, it tells a man to satisfy his wife. A direct order from God to satisfy her. Yes many people interpret the hadeeth and other verses from the Quran to mean that a woman must do what her husband wants when he wants, but he must also obey the Quran and satisfy her as well. Its a give and take.

  2. This is a secret? If Syria is anything like Cairo, you’d just need to walk down any street and see the lingere displayed in every other store window.

    Also, I emailed you at your gmail I think. I can’t ever remember which email you use.

    Further, be so glad you’re in Egypt. It took me 2 1/2 hours to get home yesterday by bus. And Tamer’s bus got in an accident on 94. No one was hurt, but yeah, it sucks here right now.

  3. “Its a give and take.”

    Thanks for posting this… I wish more people would realize that it applies to both men and women!

    (Had to laugh at the title of the post!!) 🙂

  4. I love it , don’t think i don’t know all about it you little tramp you. love ,just kidding of course

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