Shoo! Or wait, SHOE!

Did anyone else catch that the shoe-throwing journalist is a correspondant for a Cairo-based news program?


How much you wanna bet he’s not allowed back into Egypt? Mubarak doesn’t want anyone who is willing to throw things at Presidents elected by shady means.


7 responses to “Shoo! Or wait, SHOE!

  1. I came here to say that I’d put good money on that bet… and then I noticed the “There are no comments yet…Kick things off…”
    LOL. Seems the puns are practically endless this morning… including your hilarious post title =P

  2. hahahahahahahahahaa
    good eye!

    so you’re betting he gets let back into the country or he gets detained and beaten in rotation by American militia and Egyptian police?

  3. Molly, where’s your email addy? or email me at 🙂

  4. LOL at the title.

    I guess this guy is now shoe-in to run for President of Iraq!

  5. oh booo! lol.

    very punny 😛

  6. I had not noticed that he has working in Cairo!! Ha!

    I think that, in order to let him back INTO the country, the Iraqis will have to let him get OUT of Iraq standing on his own two shoes.. euh… feet…

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