I reckon the Middle East is number one on PETA’s sh*tlist.

I have never seen carnage on the scale of that which I saw yesterday. The streets here, quite literally in some places, ran red with blood. Between the state of the feral cats and dogs, and how pet shops and farms keep their animals, not to mention all of the horses and donkeys and their poor shape, Egypt is just not a happy place for animal-lovers.

Eid al-Adha, which is the holiday currently going on, is in celebration of when Abraham (as) took his first-born son to be sacrificed for God but then a ram was put in his place. So Muslims usually sacrifice animals on this day usually sheep/goats but if they have a lot of money then a cow or a camel.

In the back-yard the two cows were slaughtered and chopped up so by the end the yard was a big muddy pool of blood. Or a big bloody pool of mud. And then when we were walking up to catch a taxi we walked past what I thought was a huge pile of garbage about 4 feet tall dotted with the skins of sheep. I thought that a couple of people had ditched the skins of the animals they slaughtered only to come to the realization that the entire ten foot by ten foot by four foot pile of bags were filled with goat/sheep and whatever else skins. And later on in the evening we were walking up a street in Nasr City and I was watching where I was walking because it was wet, I realized that the puddles in the road were actually red with the blood of slaughtered animals.

I guess PETA ain’t welcome ’round these here parts.


11 responses to “PETA-free

  1. Ew. I’m no vegetarian (as I eat my beef ravioli – which is now set to the side after reading this), but I’m certainly an animal lover and I don’t think I could actually stomach being around that at all.

  2. I love the meaning of this holiday but the blood, gore, and sheep heads everywhere I could do without:-(

  3. yeh i have issues around this time of year… (being a vegetarian) but ive been told I will get over it and be eating meat within a decade (according to h2b) we will see!! πŸ˜‰

  4. I can’t quiet understand why all of it has to be so ‘messy’ I mean really there has to be a better way? The whole thing about Eid Al-Adha is about sacrifice and your devotion to God, not the bloody streets??

  5. so tru sis Aalya, but this is Egypt yo. Not much makes sense here. I highly doubt you will see Eid Al adha like this anywhere else πŸ˜‰

  6. First time I ever went away from Canada, it was to go meet my then-future-hubby in Egypt. And it was Eid time. Thank goodness not the first day there, I had enough being traumatized by the way his friend drove, zig-zagging all over the place!
    But Eid was something “extra”. It really was blood everywhere.. And everywhere in the stairs of the building… So gross! Someone on the 6th floor wanted it slaughtered in front of her door (and the elevator).

  7. Ew Candice, thats akin to black magic crap. Actually in my fils apartment building there was a trail of blood from the front door into the elevator and then out of the elevator but I think it was more about them being lazy with the meat, not actually butchering inside.
    But gross, seriously.

  8. Sooo … I’m guessing you missed all the kids fingerpainting on buildings with the blood. :-/

  9. ew. Yeah, thank God.

    There is a building in Mr MM’s old barrio where the inside entryway walls are covered in reddish-brown drippy hand prints. Not sure if its blood or paint, but Mr MM says its supposed to ward off the evil eye.

    Its freaking creepy.

  10. That evil eye crap is bid3a…innovation. And yea….ew.

  11. The evil eye handprints is usually blood of the animal sacrificed to bless the new building or something.
    And yes, bid3a, and oh yes, ewwww.

    It is a sunna to be present when your own animal is being slaughtered – or even do it yourself, if you know how to – but we reeeeeally need to have some regulations as to WHERE this can take place. Backyards/frontyards/the bathtub are just a bad bad idea. πŸ™‚

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