Geddou Ali had a farm*


It sounds like barnyard fun here right now. There are two cows tethered in the back yard and a goat** in one corner with cats in the street fighting and a pack of dogs howling.

Happy Eid, its sacrifice day tomorrow.

Blessings on all and a happy holiday!

*Geddou Ali is the Arabic version of Old MacDonald. Mr. MM and I had a disagreement as to who came up with the song first. It was totally the US.

** The goat was a present from Brooke’s fiance for Eid. Who does that? Hi honey, I love you, have a goat. The even more absurd thing was that she is terrified of it.

A goat. She is scared of a goat. Egyptian women really milk the damsel in distress act.


2 responses to “Geddou Ali had a farm*

  1. Totally the american song. Pfff.
    When we used to have three television channels in Egypt – well, two and half really, channel three only worked in the afternoon – children programmes would shower us with the same repetitive and imported programmes, and one of them was a bunch a children singing Old McDonald’s…
    in Romanian. God knows why. In Romanian. Of course we children didn’t understand anything, the words, but could nevertheless join in to mimic the animal growls.

  2. Romanian?

    The random crap in this country never ceases to amaze me.

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