Cultural Relativity

Some cultural differences between Egypt and the US that I have personally seen.

In America:

Girl stands before mirror, “Oh My Gooooooooooooooooooood! My butt is so huuuuuuuuuuuuuuge!!!”

In Egypt:

Girl stands before mirror, “Ya ummi! I wish my butt were bigger!!”

Gillette commercial in America:

Hirsute model stands before mirror and shaves beard off right before a blond woman comes and fondles him.

Gillette commercial in the Middle East:

Hirsute model stands before mirror and trims beard into a beautiful pattern and then hirsute model stands in shower and shaves armpits.

American men wouldn’t be caught dead shaving their armpits but Muslims are strict about personal hygiene and hair removal.

In American thinner is supposed to be better, although I think that trend is changing with the prevelance of rap and hip-hop artists who are vocal about their body-type preference. In the Middle East women who are rounder and especially who have junk in the trunk are preferred and women who are skinny always get the aunties who pinch their sides and command them to eat more food.

Cultural relativity.


8 responses to “Cultural Relativity

  1. I think I should move to Egypt… not having to worry about my “curves” would be great!

  2. I agree, I grew up in Germany and lived there for 3/4 of my life so far, and the cultural differences between European and American values are Huge! Not many pple realize this. Yea and I think I may try to see about moving to the Middle East too, I’m happy the way I am and how Allah (swt) made me. Also tired of my Grandmother constantly telling me, Girl, you need to go on a diet, its not healthy that you are 220lbs (5’8″), blah blah blah. lol

  3. 😀 Strategically placed curves only, unfortunately … the day I find a place where postpartum bellies and cellulite are fashionable, I am SO there.

  4. Yea sadly with the dish, people here are quickly learning what the west finds attractive and are comparing themselves to desperate housewives and such. But at least here there’s still such a thing as too thin.

  5. In Brazil we used to be more curve-oriented. Men usually still are, but getting women more and more obsessed with losing weight. Sometimes one has to lose weight for the sake of health – my case, for instance: my whole family has heart problems related to obesity – but sometimes people just go crazy…

    About the armpits: oh, boy! I’ve always dreamed men would shave their armpits. I hate harry armpits…

  6. You forgot babies.
    Little did I know that upon marrying an Egyptian man we’d be forced to procreate instantaneously. The morning after the wedding I was called to see if there was any “good news.” (No joke.)
    Of course we wanted babies, but not exactly at the moment. Alas the best laid plans of mice and men: nature overrode the pill and I fulfilled my matronly duties – I guess. From my American family I’m hearing, “Why didn’t you wait longer?!” and from my Egyptian family I get, “THANK GOD!! FINALLY!!”

  7. Well, I have to laugh at the shaving thing… So true so true!LOL And I won’t even go further with the analogy, but there are other places razors never see on American men. See? Muslim men are extraordinarily brave!!! I have proof!!!

    Ahhh, thanks for the laugh!

  8. My mum just loves your blog, we found you through Braja – who we love. This post made mum laugh her socks off:)

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