Say Wha?

The American Chamber of Commerce here in the ‘Gypt (as Amie calls it) just sent me a letter to my work email wishing me a happy Eid.


That ranks up there with Wells Fargo having a generic “Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanza, Happy Ramadan, Happy Chanukah” billboard up at their drive-through windows a few years ago.

Happy Eid ya’ll.


2 responses to “Say Wha?

  1. way cool! At my job, they have this locked glass case near the entrance where they put some things about other holidays. Currently there is an english language Quran and a little sign that says happy eid. Now if only I could get off of work for my Holiday.

  2. That’s really nice that they recognize different holidays! I remember here there was a sign in a mall talking about Eid – I was so surprised!!

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