Alright the new wordpress interface deleted my post. @#($&@$&!

The irony was that 10 minutes after I complained on my facebook that I was “stuck” at work at 6 PM waiting for my boss to give me the go-ahead to fax some PO’s before the Eid break, I walked down the stairs to leave and found that I was quite literally stuck at work.

Our office is in an apartment building (as most offices are here) and the front door to get into the building locks with a deadbolt and I don’t have the key. The people in the office beneath us (the only others who are in the brand new building) left and locked the door behind them unknowingly leaving me locked in.

My boss was in Nasr City which is on the complete other side of Cairo and hundreds of traffic jams away so it took him awhile to drive back to unlock the door for me.

Mr. MM had come to pick me up and was locked on the other side of the door frustrated and hungry. I went up to the office and stood on the balcony looking down at him and attempted some humor to lighten the situation.

“Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo?”

Mr. MM’s response?

“I will kick your a$$.”

This is because after two times of coming to work and finding myself locked out I had forgotten to remind my boss to make me a copy of the key to the deadbolt. So my being stuck in my office was, then, partially my own fault.

My boss did come, he let me out, and Mr. MM and I went off to eat dinner.

But oh, how I will never say I’m “stuck” at work again.


4 responses to “irony

  1. Oh my god!!! I can’t believe they left you there!!! I hope you are home by now!!!

  2. LOL at the picture of Mr MM standing looking less than thrilled with your ‘forgotten’ task!!!


  3. Ok, your boss really does look like Yasir! I saw him on FB!

  4. I told you!

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