Souvenirs and Scars gave me a butterfly award, my very first award of any kind mind you. So a thanks to her for being so sweet.

I, in turn, must nominate:

Rahma at Online Rihla

Amie at Secret Diary

L_Oman at Culture Shocked

and Angry in Oman (for an extra kick)

I’ll set about alerting them of this later.

But on the topic of awards the Brass Crescent Awards finally opened their voting and I have to say that I’m am disgusted and disappointed. There are a lot of cool new additions but so, so,so many of the blogs are recycled from last year. Yes we know they’re awesome but there ARE other blogs out there.

And yea I had a teensy bit of hope that I might be there but I recognize that I’m definitely not at that rank yet; the thing that disgusted me the most is that blogs that I don’t think should even have been mentioned were nominated. Blogs that had recently been deleted and the author swore to never return to blogging, blogs that haven’t been updated since June (JUNE!!!!), and blogs that I really don’t think match the category or deserve mention. Blogs that I know of and that make me go “ZzzzzzzzzzzzZzzzzz.”

Really? They got nominated?

And as for people who won awards last year, I think they should be banned from running again, its just not fair.

I’m disappointed. Very disappointed. Our blogosphere is big and has a lot of good writers in it and I just don’t think the Brass Crescent reflects it sufficiently.

Its really a shame.


6 responses to “Awards

  1. Id have to agree there. Was really looking forward to some new reads, frankly I feel quite bloggin bored!


  2. I’m not new blogging!
    This is my third blog!
    Normally,I use blogs to keep tack of things,I never expected ppl wud visit me…
    until I visited this page, I never knew blogs were awarded!

  3. I don’t understand the notion of nominating blogs that are not updated frequently. I mean, once a month is not an update. They should not have nominated any blog that hasn’t been updated in last 3 months.

    I disagree with barring last year’s winners, some blogs are consistently good!

    Here’s my picks:

    Best blog: Achelois.
    Best Female blog: Nzhinga.
    Best Humour blog: Captain Chaos.
    Best New Blog: Lucky Fatima.
    Best Mideast Blog: Achelois.
    Best Writer: Rickshaw Diaries.

  4. Oh c’mon! What about Mr Moo? he had my vote!

  5. And if they were good last year of course they will be good this year, hence why they shouldn’t be able to run again.

  6. lol.. first time hearing of mr moo

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