2 Busy 2 Random


How much do I miss inanity that is actually humorous? A lot.

How much do I miss quirky Canadians? Even more.

Unfortunately The Red Green Show is not available on Showtime here in the sandbox, so sad. I do, however, get Desperate Housewives, Sex in the City, and So You Think You Can Dance. Yes mom, about a week after I complained about not getting to see it they started showing it on one of the Dubai channels. Yippee!!! It is, though, censored; they cut parts out like when the rumba or samba or salsa-dancing gets a little hot. Lame.

That is on channels like MBC which are Dubai-based and come free on Nilesat and are, therefore, on the censored list. Here in Egypt Nilesat, which is like basic cable, comes free for those who can afford to buy satellite dishes-which is pretty much everyone in Egypt. Ok, well almost everyone. Even on the plywood shacks erected in empty lots can you find sat dishes perched precariously.

Mr MM and I subscribed to the, kind of, expensive Showtime cable because he wanted to watch the Premier League and I wanted E! and all the other fabulously trashy American channels. On Showtime there is no censorship, at all. In fact the Sex in the City shows are the ones that were on HBO back in the day and not even the basic American cable-censored ones I saw back in the states. Its pretty cool. And don’t tell him I said this, but Mr MM is as addicted to them as I am.

On Saturdays and Sundays I cannot touch the TV. For fear of life and limb I do not touch the TV or in any way obstruct Mr MM’s view of the Premier League matches. Or Liga matches. Or whatserface Italian league matches. Or the German League whateveryoucallit. I just don’t.

I’m very sleepy nowadays because its cold, and the flat is very cold. The bathroom in the morning is very, very cold. At least, alhumdulillah, we have a natural gasline so most of our faucets have automatic hot water. Thank God that I don’t have to fill the water heater, wait for it to heat up, and try to take a shower before all the hot water runs out. That would make me a very unhappy little girl. So, one more time for emphasis, alhumdulillah.

I’m also very sleepy because Zuzu has discovered that tickling my face with her whiskers whilst I am sleeping usually wakes me up so that I can pet her. Assuming I ignore her and go back to sleep she then commandeers my pillow in retribution and will not move. This morning she discovered the joy of sleeping on my back. Sometimes I wonder why she doesn’t sleep on Mr MM. Maybe its because I’m squishier. Probably because I am squishier.

After being told by both of my bosses, in separate incidences, that they will pay for me to learn Arabic I got the hint and am in the process of enrolling myself. I am taking A’ameyya Arabic, which is the colloquial Egyptian Arabic, because I don’t care much to biest speaking ye olde Foos’ha no matter how beneficial and useful it may be. Eventually, inshAllah, I will graduate into Foos’ha, but for now expect my j’s to be g’s and all that jazz. I mean gazz.

Its going to be a long night at work.

A looooooooooooooong night.


12 responses to “2 Busy 2 Random

  1. We have Showtime too, It can be weird if you have kids, I have a set of channels just for them so they don’t stumble upon Samatha Jones or anything.

    I also like So You Think You Can Dance…I think the finale or part of it is tonight.

  2. lol.. looking forward to hearing about the classes insha’allah 🙂 so we should expect to not understand your posts in the future then? lol 😀 glad youre settling in more though alhamdulillah

  3. The censoring really is weird sometimes. When we were watching Friends one time, Monica came to kiss Chandler and it was just *approach*flash*backing away*. And it must be really strange on So You Think You Can Dance to have dances cutting like that. And they’re probably the best parts too!

  4. There is always youtube! or is that blocked there?

  5. Quirky Canadians?

    Im right here girl!

  6. Mr. B. is also addicted to Sex and the City. He mostly refers to the girls as “the hoes” but he enjoys it, I know. I know this because he does not enjoy other “girly” shows I watch in which he sighs loudly and retires to surfing the internet. But when SATC is on, he’s right next to me watching.

  7. Mezba- no no, youtube is not blocked here. In fact I don’t know of any sites that are blocked. There was once a weird period in time where I kept trying to get videos and it would come as “not allowed in your country” but that hasn’t happened again since. I suppose for all the Egyptian government’s other heinous crimes, blocking internet sites is not one of them.

    Umm Travis- you don’t happen to have some cool Canuck underground black market here where we can get old espisodes of the Red Green Show? Actually I should check youtube. lol.

    Amie- thats how I know MM likes the show, he’s always look “oh look!” and leaves it on that channel. And sits with me. With Desperate Housewives he’s like “oh look!” and then leaves the room. He also sits and watches Ugly Betty, but he’ll get bored during that one.

    Candice- it is super weird to be watching a dance that has just begun and two seconds later they’re on a different part of the stage and the dance is done. It pissed me off. I haven’t watched it since.

    Ammena- no no, don’t expect me to start blogging in Arabic or anything. I doubt I’ll be anywhere near that fluent.

  8. Molly did you see the finale of SYTYCD?

  9. No, like I said, after that initial show where they censored I kind of gave up. What the point of watching a dancing show when they cut out half of the dance?

    I’m hoping they’ll do like they did with Nour: play it over and over and over and over and over and ov…

  10. Lame? That sounds awesome! I guess I can see where it would be a little choppy at times but I’d be happy to watch halal things. That’s pretty cool, masAllah.

  11. well if you want to bring out the halal or haraam ideals then watching TV at all is a no-no, unless of course its an all women channel for the sisters, and an all men for the brothers.

    Non-Mahram and all that.

  12. I could really do without the raunchy scenes in SATC but I really like the friendship aspect of the show as opposed to the relationship side.

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