Multicultural Boogey

The highlight of the expat disco party last night had to have been watching an Egyptian-Australian and an Icelandic convert singing John Denver’s “Take Me Home, Country Roads” karaoke-style into plastic ice-cream cones.

Thats so random I couldn’t have made it up if I tried.

It was especially tasty when the Australian would add American “twang” to the song, she’s hilarious.

I love the expat group.


3 responses to “Multicultural Boogey

  1. Luckyy!! I tried it once here and was met with total rejection and incomprehension with the occasional look of concern thrown in.

    God, I miss karaoke.

  2. Oh man, I bet you’re meeting all these people who I’ve “known” for years through lurking in various yahoo groups. Lucky duck 😛

  3. Actually S the woman whose husband I work for is the one who moderates womeg. I think you probably know her, she’s great. Also the other moderator is N who is the diplomat who told me she reads my blog. I was actually thinking about that at the party, how you probably know these people and I met them purely by chance.


    do you have a kitty yet?

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