Omg I Hate Mosquitoes

Let me just say this first: I’m from Minnesota. If there is any state in the US that knows about mosquitoes, it would be Minnesota (ok and pretty much every state in the south-eastern sector.)

But I’ve never dealt with mosquitoes like this.

When I first arrived in Egypt this past summer and we went up to Alexandria and Marsa Matruh I lost entire nights of sleep and half of the enjoyment of my honeymoon to those bastards. They left welts the size of quarters and even half-dollars in some cases all over my body and they would itch for weeks! Not days, weeks! The red marks faded to dark brown and stayed for at least 1-2 months after the initial bite. I was miserable. I made Mr MM miserable about my misery. And I have probably bought enough bottles of Raid mosquito spray to douse a small nation.

Yet they still come.

Summer was absolutely completely awful. I could barely sleep, I would spray Raid until my tongue went numb (thats what inhaling the spray does to me) just in the hopes that I could sleep a full night. The first thing I would do in the morning would be to canvass my house with the bottle in my hand hunting any mosquitoes down and an empty bottle of Raid would leave me huddled on my bed with a blanket around me up to my ears.

Everyone promised that after Ramadan the weather would cool down and the mosquitoes would go away. It cooled down, but they didn’t go away. And then two weeks after that they disappeared. Completely.

I thought I had been delivered! I went for almost three weeks without buying a single can of spray, I slept comfortably through the night and I started to enjoy going outside in the evenings.

But then they came back.

And then they went away.

And now they’re back again.

I’m losing my mind here. Everytime I ask Mr MM when the mosquitoes are going to go away he always tells me “next month.” I just cannot take it anymore.

In our apartment the plug-in mosquito repellent does not work so I am pretty much confined to using the spray no matter how obviously desructive it is to our health. And while we do sleep underneath mosquito netting now many times I will be kept up all night by a number of them that have gotten underneath the netting. Once, in the space of a half hour, I was bit 12 times!

While now that it is winter the number of mosquitoes is reduced dramatically, they are still there and driving me nuts. And I even think that the mosquitoes now are a smaller and harder to see race of them that leave smaller bites.

I’m not sure what else I can do. For now we have a nightly ritual of my putting up the net and then dousing the bed with spray 20 minutes before we lay down to sleep. Its fairly effective, but I just want them to go away.

I hate mosquitoes more than I’ve ever hated anything in my life.


8 responses to “Omg I Hate Mosquitoes

  1. ha ha! (sorry)…. (big hug) you and sis Mona both! I havent had a one! SAY MA SHAA ALLAH! LOL… maybe there is some kinda natural cure? You know like a lemon candle or something weird like that… we used to burn those I think in Canada. I cant remember. Why are there so many in the house though? Thats weird! Oh and outside… well hubby gets em… but I have my “face protector” LOOOOL

    ok Im sorry. That would really totally bite. Seriously.

  2. They spray in pretty much every other part of Cairo, so thats why you don’t get them. Also I live in Old Maadi which is known for being covered in trees. The deciduous kind, which is where mosquitoes lay their eggs. So, I think all of the diplomats and rich-expats have complained about the probably toxic spray and so the city of Maadi does not spray.
    When I was in Mohandeseen we had to close up all the windows when they sprayed otherwise it would cover everything with this gray film.

  3. Boy do I hear you. It seems like I’m the misquote’s favorite. Even as kids when we’d come in the summer..other people didn’t have a problem. My husband doesn’t get stung like me and the kids,mashaAllah, its like those little buggers know we’re imported or something.

    They spray here rather sporadically, like once every couple weeks if they feel like it. I’ve seen kids running after that spray truck to be in that fog, I guess for fun? ew.

  4. Well, here’s some mosquito advice from my former mission trip days that seemed to work for me:

    * Not to be Susie Raincloud, but Raid is bad for cats (and you, with frequent usage). Insecticide works on bugs’ central nervous systems (which is why they lie and quiver for so long after they’re doused), which is something we have, too. Plus, the stuff settles on the floor and Zuzu will get it on her paws and then lick her paws and ingest it. Just sayin’

    (moving on)

    * Some people say eating garlic works (in food or pill form) but seeing as how Arabi food is like, onions + garlic + whatever else, I’d say it doesn’t work for you.

    * Do not wear bright colors when outside in the daylight.

    * Mosquitoes are attracted to B.O. If you’re sweaty and stinky, you’ll be the first thing they bite.

    * Do not wear perfume, lotion, or use shampoo that leaves behind a heavy scent or wear anything with “natural” oils that might resemble flowers. It’s kind of a little known fact that aside from blood, mosquitoes feast on plant nectar. If you smell nectary, they’ll come after you.

    *B1 vitamin, 3x’s a day. It worked for me.

    * DO NOT EAT BANANAS. This is something they told us when we were going to the Dominican Republic, a.k.a. Bug Land. I don’t know why, but it worked. Those of us who didn’t eat bananas weren’t bitten (or had massively reduced bites, comparatively speaking).

    *If you do get bitten, slap the bite, don’t itch. I know, I know, but itching forces the poison, in some cases, to spread or deepen in your flesh.

    *If you do get bitten, cover the bite immediately with calamine or a home made paste of baking soda and water and let them dry. For the paste, mix just enough water with the soda to make a sticky, cakey paste and slap it on there.

    *Other things I have used to reduce itching that have worked:

    a.) washing the bite with alcohol and then covering it with scotch tape
    b.) antiperspirant such as Suave Platinum (totally made it stop itching)
    c.) toothpaste (but wash it off before bed so you don’t get more bites)

    Hope this helps.

  5. I’m horribly allergic to mosquito bites, so even if i’m bit only once, they last forever.

    The best thing i’ve found, is to take unflavoured meat tenderizer, mix it with water to make a paste, and leave it on until it dries. The paste draws out the venom the mosquitos use to keep your blood from clotting. It also helps with the itch.

  6. I am a usual victim of mosquito bites, but, I have good news. My parents have just been over, and brought with them Avon’s Skin So Soft…the mosquito’s hate it….Apparently, the UK forces use it….and it works. The plastic surgeon that my mum works with swears by it…Woo hoo, in 2 weeks now, I haven’t been bitten. Smells alot nicer than Raid as well…good luck x

  7. can you get a mosquito curtain for your bed? we had a mosquito in our problem here (maryland), but found out that we had stagnant water or something in the sump pump in our basement. we dumped a couple cupfuls of straight bleach down there and they disappeared. do you have screens on your windows? if not, maybe you should look into getting some? have someoen send you some mesh rolls from the states otherwise so you can staple them to your window frames. i’ve heard about the skin so soft stuff too.

  8. Sweetpea,
    I will include some Skin So Soft products in the next carepackage I send to you.

    Can you believe we are down to 6 weeks before I see you!!!??? I can’t wait!
    Love you!! Mom

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