Oh Happy Day

We have a maid again! This one is a little more expensive as she works mainly for expats and thereby earns a higher wage, but she’s sweet and I don’t get an immediate bad feeling from her like I did from Umm Stickyfingers.

Unfortunately she is afraid of cats and so my idea of leaving her in the house to clean while I go off to work is no longer plausible. Zuzu is one of those cats who loves to be at your feet looking at what you’re doing from every possible angle she can: between your legs, upside down, from the chair, from across the puddle, hanging from the ceiling, etc. No need to freak the maid out anymore than she probably already is, our house was in bad need of a maid and it looks it. I hope she comes back next week. InshAllah.

So Zuzu is locked in the bedroom with me while I’m working from home (ok well not so much working from home as blogging at the moment, but whatevs) until she finishes. I’m going to be alone in the office all day anyway, as I am most of the time. But thats cool, lonely, but cool.

Oh thank God for a maid.

Also I forgot to mention something that happened to me a couple of weeks ago. I was at a Thursday halaqa with the expats when I was approached by one, a diplomat who used to live here in Cairo but was just visiting, who said to me, “I read your blog.”

!!!! Seriously?

Apparently she heard my name and recognized me from the pictures I posted awhile back. How awesome is that??? I’m kind of sort of not really but hey I’d like to think so famous! So a shout-out to N who I didn’t get to see last week because her little boy (so adorable mashAllah!) was sick.

Anyways I will try to sit down and post about the awesome group of expats I met, they’re uber awesome. And it was through them that I got my new maid.

Oh, happy day!


14 responses to “Oh Happy Day

  1. I love the idea of a maid but having someone here on any regular basis is inconvenient for me. I don’t know maybe 1x a week would be good if it’s someone I felt comfortable with. I’m happy for you though.
    What’s with Egyptians and fear of cats?! Come on it’s just a cat, what’s wrong with everybody?

  2. Mona- she only comes once a week. Everyday is unnecessary and would be inconvenient. And she left her cleaning clothes behind so that must mean the house wasn’t so disgusting that she vowed to never come again!
    Its so worth it to have someone come clean once a week. Sooooooooooooo worth it.

  3. I agree once a week is good. Can I ask how much she gets and what all she cleans? Is it an all day whole apartment thing? It would be amazing to get the big jobs done and just keep up during the week. My neighbor has a lady come every other day and it seems like I’d get sick of it. Yay for you though!

  4. Well being that we are in Cairo and because she works with expats she gets more than what we paid the other maid. She gets 50LE per day she comes when we paid 35LE for the other maid.
    She cleans the windows, doors, floors, counters, dusts, vacuums, bathroom, kitchen (dishes/stove/counters/floor), plus anything else like hanging laundry if you wanted. I know the maid before her would cook for DU and the girls sometimes, but if they’re cooking they want a little more money.

    I’m sure there in Hurghada you could get away with paying 35LE rather than 50LE being that its not Cairo and you guys are Egyptian (even if you are Egyptian-American) its different for expats. We’re supposed to be rich or something. LOL.

    Ironically when the other maid from DU was coming I initially thought to pay her 50LE but DU’s daughter told me not to as the girl would start demanding that money from DU as well.

    Who knows.

    Anyways, its totally worth it, seriously. Mopping is #*$&@ hard on my back, and way time consuming. Sooooooooooooo worth it. lol.

  5. Wow, a maid and some props from a reader… That’s great! I have to admit with four kids a maid would be a blessing. Especially since DH is going through a “dust makes me cough” phase.

  6. That sounds good for all that work. Yea I’m getting old man, and mopping hurts my back too.

  7. Here in Amman, I have not had too much luck with the temp maids that come once a week or such. They never seem to come back…inshAllah yours will be back. We keep getting a live-in because even if she isn’t that good, you know she will be back tomorrow morning…May Allah make it easy on us.

  8. A maid! How lucky you are. We don’t even have a dishwasher or clothes drier…ho-hum

  9. And PS – doesn’t it feel good when someone in real life admits to reading your blog!

  10. Mum had a bad experience with maids, so we never have one. Lucky you! 🙂

  11. No. Seriously. I’m with Mona. What is up with Egyptians’ fear of cats? I’m married to an Egyptian who is in LOVE with our cats, but when I invite Egyptian sisters over (which is rare, but still) they freak out/start whimpering/jump on furniture if they even catch a glimpse of a fluffy tail. It’s a small animal. Even if it DID attack (you know, my wild, beastly pets are known for that…), what is the worst it going to do? Snag your sweater?Before I married Mr. B, I used to believe it was just “cool” in Egyptian culture to fear cats because all these chicks be doing it like it’s their job.

  12. I find its “cool” in Egyptian culture to be afraid of a lot of things; Egyptian women have that damsel in distress sh*t down pat.

  13. Haha Amie & Molly, you know it!

  14. Ha! But it was so great to meet you face to face I just couldn’t keep it in! 🙂

    And you are famous and cute! Hope to see you again when I am back in town.

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