To Make Myself Happier…

Gratuitous pictures of Zuzu, who is my second shadow anyways but the past two days hasn’t been out of my arms very much. In fact, at this moment she is cleaning herself on the chair behind me.

She likes her shows, thats really what I call remote “control”

That time the plastic bag won.

Haters, you know you wish you could.

There are more uploaded to my flickr, feel free to peruse. BTW the pics are so grainy because they were taken in low light without the flash.


7 responses to “To Make Myself Happier…

  1. So sweet! My cats used to always go right to the middle of the room, make a circle then lift the leg.

  2. I like your blog.
    I am a spanish marry to an egyptian with two girls in a household full helwa, chevre, nice we celebrate ramadan, christmas, we eat foul with arepas…

  3. Cute!
    I love your cat!
    I am going to have one soon!

  4. LOL, isn’t she just too cute?

    Our cats always loved to play with plastic bags as well. And slept on top of the tv!

  5. Just wait until she stands up and the bag is somehow attached to one of her appendages and she freaks and goes tearing through the house in horror. It’s one of those moments I laugh until I nearly pee.

  6. squee! btw, our kitty should be coming the weekend after thanksgiving inshaAllah.

  7. Oh, do you mind if I post zuzu’s piccies on a cat forum? She’s just so adorable I want to share!

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