A Cold World

Sometime yesterday or the day before Boosy was killed by a dog.

I am so sick at heart that I’m not sure what to say. Why Boosy? Why not that stupid white cat that hisses at everyone?

Today I was supposed to bring her to Umm Travis who was going to be her new mommy.

Today the driver told me she had been killed and that he threw her body in the trash.

She was just a cat right? I shouldn’t be so upset?



13 responses to “A Cold World

  1. I’ve been crying like crazy since we talked today. I still love her little face. I am sooo sorry. I hope she’s in kitty heaven with mine.

  2. It took me awhile to cry, and then all of a sudden mid-commercial I started bawling. My husband thought I was schizophrenic.

    It just hurts so much that it was her.

  3. You were as much invested in her as I was, too.

    Its cold. Very cold.

  4. Oh I’m so sorry. I don’t think its strange to be so upset, not at all. poor thing.

  5. SubhanAllah, it really opens your eyes to the difficulties for those street kitties. Now I understand why they are so nervous all the time. It is so sad, really 😦

  6. I’m sooo sorry! I’ve grown up with cats, and always get close to them when we have them. They are like best friends with fur.



  7. Oh, that’s terrible. Kitty heaven is a wonderful place though – lots of tasty mice, fresh milk, cat treats and pats (petting) at the precise moment kitty wants it.

  8. So sorry to hear about Boosy. You have every right to be upset.

  9. I’m sorry. For all of those people who don’t understand, our fur babies are like family members. They love unconditionally. I mourn with you.

  10. I am so sorry!!! That is just awful!

    I just wanted to let you know that you are all linked up on BATW. Check in daily to see where in the world we are headed next!

  11. Yeah, I’m pregnant, but I cried. I don’t know why. I loves the kitties. Sorry, babe.

  12. So sad :((( Made me tear up. Why did the throw her away?!!? That’s so messed up. Don’t people realize animals are Allah swt’s creation too?! He could’ve buried Boosy 😦 Or maybe I’m just uber American, but that upsets me big time.

  13. MJ- it upset me a lot as well, but I can also look at it from his point of view. Theres not enough open land in Cairo to bury every animal that dies in the streets.

    But yes, it upset me that something better wasn’t done with her body.

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