On-site Entertainment

Currently there are Egyptian construction workers plastering right outside my work window. One particularly loquacious gentleman is alternately singing balady wedding songs and haranguing his co-workers in very colorful Arabic.

He’s got a nice voice if you care for the I’ve-been-smoking-cleopatras-since-I-was-born kind.

Oh Abdel-Haleem, where art thou?


4 responses to “On-site Entertainment

  1. hahahahhaha—funny! Reminds me–late last night we stopped at the ATM. Of course the bank was closed but inside were the janitor and the guard–the guard having taken off his uniform and was standing there looking out at us in nothing more than boxer shorts and an undershirt. I didnt even want to ask!!!!

  2. wtf? are you serious? thats not ok lol

  3. i know!!!! i think dh didnt notice cuz if he had he would have whisked me out of the way and probably cursed the guy out. so i just kept my mouth shut! i dont think there was anything going on, i just think the guard was probably relaxing—but it was a shock nonetheless. can u imagine that in usa–hahaha?

  4. Haa, Maybe he wanted to mop without getting wet. You could die that way, don’t you know!?

    I’ve seen some weird stuff here. Men lifting their Galabayas up to their waste to pee on the wall being one of the more unfortunate times.

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