A Very Bad Diet

I hate food in Egypt, I’m sure I’ve mentioned that before, but I do. I have more recently, however, discovered Egyptian junk food. Or maybe I should rephrase that: I’ve discovered junk food in Egypt since its mostly Pepsi, ho-hos, and Doritos. In the states I’m usually loathe to eat such but here in Egypt I’m faced with a decision between garbage I know tastes good or taking my chances with whatever food may be at my destination.

Here at work I have found that my lunches are often exactly like what I’m eating at the moment: a bag of Molto mini croissants (omg, tiny croissants with a nutella-like cream inside, yum,) a bag of Doritos, two ho-hos, and a can of Bebsi (Pepsi.) What I’ve been kicking myself recently with is that each time I walk from my office to the corner snack kiosk I walk past a fruit-seller. Wtf, why don’t I turn and buy some guavas, apples, bananas, and grapes rather than eat this crap? I don’t know, maybe its a distrust of Egyptian produce or the inability to buy two guavas and a banana and that instead I must buy 1/4 or 1/2 kilo at minimum.

Tomorrow, tomorrow I shall embark upon my fruit adventure because my current diet is only giving me puffy fingers and PVC’s. Plus I do, really, hate junk food. I just hate Egyptian food more.



2 responses to “A Very Bad Diet

  1. I love molto’s too, my standards for snacks has been lowered by living here. When I first got here, I thought Borios was such a joke! Wanna be Oreos? Pathetic. While the product has really improved, they ain’t Oreos but I still like them. Why don’t you pack a lunch?

  2. Molto saved my life!…I spent 4 months in Egypt in 2006 and I couldn’t stand the food…I didn’t like how it was being prepared and how it tasted. I literally lived on Moltos, food from Sandwichina (I was staying in Ismailia so I don’t know if you’re familiar with this fast food restaurant) and P(B)epsi…it tastes so much better in Egypt and it doesn’t give me gas unlike the Pepsi in Canada…ok ok too much info there. Anyways, I slowly began to like some of the home made foods like samak and fell in love with the salad but I refuse to eat anything else like mahshe. My mother-in-law is always trying to make the food more spicier specially for my tongue (and even tried making lasagna once) and would always “force” me (I love that woman so much) to eat the foods and when I wouldn’t even taste it she would say: haram habibti…Allah made these food for us to eat and we should eat them. My reply would be…I know I know Mama but al hamdu lilah Allah provides different kinds of food so that we can choose what we like…al hamdu lilah

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