kittens kittens everywhere

First I couldn’t find a friendly kitten to save my life and now I’m surrounded.

DU brought home a kitten for the youngest girl, Star, that had been hanging around one of his shops. Unfortunately, in true Egyptian fashion, they cannot be bothered enough to take 20 minutes out of the day to hang out making sure Boosy (the kitten) gets something to eat. DU was talking about bringing her back to the shop and putting her back on the street, which, seriously, does that make sense?

Not enough time to stand around and make sure Boosy gets a share of food without the ravenous pack of garden cats shoving her away, but instead bring her back to the streets where she would most likely starve completely most days, or only have garbage to eat?

Sometimes the Egyptian way of regarding animals disgusts me. These animals, especially dogs and cats, were given to us as a trust by God. And what really kills me is DU talks about the reward one gets for feeding/watering starving animals, and he daily puts out food for the garden cats. A kitten puts it over the line I guess.

Anyways, she is heartbreakingly sweet and cuddly. She loves to cuddle and she gives kisses. Tonight, while feeding her (a job I offered to take over rather than to know she is starving on the street) she kept abandoning food in lieu of petting and scratches and would jump up into my lap no matter how many times I put her down on the ground.

She’s mixed, but she’s more Mau than even my Zuzu. She’s got the classic look, the spots, the coloring, the eyes, the ears, the nose, the tail and she even does the happy butt wiggle that Mau’s are known to do; a singularly adorable act that Zuzu unfortunately does not perform. But her four legs are white, as well as her belly and throat and she has a white goatee that makes me want to scratch her chin.

I’m hoping that another blogger here in Cairo will take her; if not I will bring her this weekend, if I can, to the Emau Rescue. I would love to keep her but giving her the scratches and cuddles I want to is impossible right now as she is still a street cat with all of the bugs and possible fleas that go along with it.

I brought Zuzu immediately to the vet after I brought her home so that, if necessary, he could flea-dip her and so that she could get all the immunizations and vaccinations needed to rid her of any she actually had. Which, she didn’t really have any because of the care she had gotten from the vet who ran the shelter she lived outside of.

Fleas are perhaps a personal phobia and nightmare of mine, something like that time I got lice after trying on hats at Sears, except worse. Think Black Plague.

To keep Boosy would mean a trip to the vet that I can’t much afford. Plus the heartbreak of having her follow me back up to my apartment and yet again sneak into my house as I’m trying to squeeze in the door without letting her in and then having to bounce her like a dance club with a $20 cover and a dress code and listening to her moan and cry pitifully outside my door for twenty minutes afterwards, begging for more cuddles and scratches.

Oh, I can’t take it anymore.

Please someone take her home!!!!!

But I get visitation rights, k?


18 responses to “kittens kittens everywhere

  1. Awwwwww…. I wish I was there to take her! InshaAllah she will find a home.

  2. Awww I wish I could but right now I have three rugrats… in shaa Allah my Aunt will take one of them back in December lol

    I never knew about that butt wiggle lol… my cat does that when he walks it is toooooooooo funny, I made a comment to my husband and he said its cuz the boy cats have something btwn their legs hahahahahahahaha

    Pehaps you could take her to the vet just for the flea drops at least to ensure you dont pass it on to your Zuzu. I couldnt handle bugs either 😦

  3. Umm Travis- It looks exactly like they are spraying except they’re not. One of the garden cats, a big orange and white (but with mau spots and green eyes) tom, does the same thing. So they stand up on their tippy toes, raise their tails, and vibrate their behinds. It looks so much like spraying that most people can be fooled into thinking they are.
    They do it when they are happy.

  4. ohhhh that seems weird. My Mishmish just had a weird way of walking then, when he is happy, and coming toward me, it looks like he is wiggling his rear. Seriously, Ive had cats all my life and I never saw something so funny.

    And sorry bout the vet comment, I just reread what you wrote and realized why you werent taking her there.

    I think though you can check her fur and see if there actually is fleas? I really wish I could help. I would love more kitties. Im such a loser. Hahaha.

    You should talk Mr MM into paying for it, since he is the one who brought her home. Just cry or something 😉 Just a thought.

  5. no, he didn’t bring her home, his uncle did.

    I’ve tried a couple of times to introduce the idea of two cats but the thing is that I am not quite down with the idea myself. Our house in the states is small- ok actually bigger than cairo flats but whatever- and having two cats would wreak havoc on my mother who is allergic to them anyways. I don’t know how she will do with Zuzu, we shall see inshAllah in January.
    And we combine funds anyways, so when *I* can’t afford it, I really mean *we* can’t afford it.
    *sigh* otherwise I’d take her home, she really is a doll.

  6. ooh and I dont think she has fleas, she doesn’t scratch or have bald spots, and she’s pretty clean for a street cat, I just am so freaked out by the idea of them that I scratch myself just thinking about it.

    also, mishmish? Let me guess, he’s orange?

  7. Put her pic up…and I AM working on it!!! Hugs!

  8. yeah, even with the lap scratched out though I could see Mr MM hyperventilating that I put it online. I’ll see if I can squeeze off a pic of her that does not involve a single body part of mine when I go home

  9. also how old is she? and colours etc? MAYBE I could turn my home into a zoo.

    But CW – I think you are most definately a better match lol… Seriously, though, it really helps to have some company. They have sparked my world. You would think I have kids now hahahaha. No seriously. Im not a loser.

    And MM – ohhhhhh about the $$ – my husband tells me I have to pay for them, since they are *my* hobby lol. And ya, he is orange tabby-like cat. With the big M on his forehead lol. His sis is white, we called her Mohalebeya. Yum 🙂

  10. awww cute. Well if CW can’t (oh I hope she can inshAllah) I’ll be calling you next!!!! lol.
    I’ll get a pic today inshAllah and post it.

    she’s a kitten still no more than 3-4 months. long-legged like a colt.

  11. I also pay for the cat mostly. Especially her food, that one he makes me pay for definitely.

  12. Cairo is a tough place for a cat lover. I stopped every time I saw kittehs, squeed, and took pictures. I would have taken them all home with me if I could.

    Speaking of $$$, I spent $50 at Petco this weekend – food, litter, a spray to clean up messes and biodegradable litter box liners. The husband practically had a heart attack. He thinks we should just feed the cat leftovers, and that she should go to the bathroom on dirt. Um yeah, not going to happen with my (soon to be) kitteh!

  13. yep, thats egyptian mentality. Until he has to scoop smelly poop because the scraps diet gives kitties indigestion.

    Btw, are you gonna make him scoop? Egyptians have this thing about worrying cats will make women infertile. Thats why mine scoops instead of me.

  14. Ah, egyptian superstitions. They never cease to amaze me, lol.

    Nope, the husband doesn’t believe that one. He doesn’t really want a cat, so I’m in charge of everything – feeding, brushing, and yes, cleaning out the litter box. He is insistent on trying to feed the cat “something,” although if it’s table scraps, that’s not going to happen. I’ve got my no grain, high protein kitty food all set to go. No need to give the poor cat indigestion with people food.

  15. I love the way you all love and care about cats… God bless you all 🙂
    I just have a little comment on the “making women infertile” thing… it’s not true of course but cat feces can be dangerous in other ways….

    “Cat feces can harbor the protozoan that causes toxoplasmosis, a disease that doesn’t bother adults very much but can have devastating effects on a fetus, including brain damage and blindness. This is especially true if the fetus is infected early in the pregnancy. If you have a cat, be sure to wash your hands after petting our animal, and get someone else to change the kitty litter. Some people, though, have developed immunity to this common disease, which also would protect their fetuses; your doctor can do a blood test to find out if this is true in your case.”

    From “Dr. Spock’s Pregnancy Guide” by Marjorie Greenfield, M.D.

    I just thought you gals should know coz you never know that you’re pregnant at the beginning and that seems to be the most dangerous time … I don’t think the “blood test” mentioned is available in Egypt though!!

  16. While DU may have seemed crass at bringing one home and then consider taking it back to fend for itself amongst the other garden cats, the DU is providing food in general to the cats, which fits his belief.

    This is an example of “survival of fittest” being part of our vernacular.

    I love you!! Mom

  17. As Salaamu Alaikum Sis:

    Please be careful with the street cats. Have you read American Bedu (Carol in KSA) experience with street cats:

    Not to say this is the same, but please be careful dear.

  18. yes, I usually don’t love up on street cats but Boosy was a special case.

    So sad…

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