Road Humps

Me driving through Maadi/Nasr City/Greater Cairo three months ago:

Me (as I hit an unseen and unecessary speed hump going way too fast): “$&$^#@^!!!!! Why don’t they paint the damn things? Or put up road signs ‘Beware, we will f%*&$ up your car in T minus two seconds?'”

Mr MM: “Maalesh habibty, welcome to Egypt.”

Mr MM driving through Maadi/Nasr City/Greater Cairo last night:

Mr MM (as he hits an unseen and unecessary speed hump going way too fast):“$&$^#@^!!!!! Why don’t they paint the damn things?”

Me: Maalesh habibi; smile, you’re in Egypt.

Seriously though, they put them up, they make them SO HIGH that every single car scrapes the undercarriage even when driving at an approximate 2 centimeters an hour, and they don’t paint them or put up signs. In fact I believe they do everything they can to make them blend into the usually lumpy, cracked, and uneven pavement.

So when you’re driving back to the shop to fix a broken tailpipe, smile, you’re in Egypt.


9 responses to “Road Humps

  1. My husband found that if you have the good fortune of seeing them and the ability to slow down, if you turn while you’re going over it, you will at least save your undercarriage that time!

  2. I’m so on the same page with you in regards to Egypt life lately Molly. This is the thing worries me about getting my license here, Hurghada is not as crazy traffic wise as Cairo and Alex but those speed bumps my husband has memorized come out of nowhere to me.

  3. This is a funny post. Dr. CW and I are forever hitting those dang bumps–Well…he’s hitting the bumps and I’m hitting my head on the roof of the car which crunches my neck bones–afraid I will end up paralyzed. When I asked him why they aren’t painted he replied exactly…”Smile! You’re in Egypt!”

  4. BTW–hows come Mona has her pic up and I get an ugly purple square??? I want a pic tooooooooo…plz! 😉

  5. CW, I signed into wordpress, it doesn’t take long..but I’m not sure I want to keep commenting with that cause then it doesn’t link to my blog 😉

  6. Oh cool it works with the link and the pic. Sign up for wordpress, just a username if you wish and up load a pic and put your blog on your profile.

  7. Thanks Mona will try that now!

  8. ok this is just a test to see if my pic shows up–feel free to delete

  9. That is too funny!!! Sounds like conversations DH , and I have had. The latest was a fridge in our house that zaps you good if you touch it and the stove at the same time. It was all it can’t be that bad untill DH got a good zap. How do you keep from laughing at that?

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