Cairo Calling

I’ve created a blog on which to post the short stories I write about living in Egypt.

Writing is my catharsis and occasionally might be disturbing as I find and use it as a way to relieve emotions I can’t get out any other way.

Some of you have already read some examples of my fiction, some of you have not. I originally wanted to post them by password only, however I decided against that for the moment. InshAllah my copyright will be respected.

Check it out over on Cairo Calling: Short Stories of an Expat on the Edge.


3 responses to “Cairo Calling

  1. love it.. did u check out my short stories blog?? click on my name 😀 insha’allah.. or check out my blogspot profile.

  2. Its “copyright” not copywrite.

  3. der, thanks.

    I’m a dork.

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