A Pet Peeve

Or two.

I just need to get these off my chest because they’re pretty annoying and it really sucks when I want to read someone’s blog but:

1. To everyone who has a song/Quran set to automatic play on their blog. Seriously, this isn’t myspace. Yes, maybe its Quran, but when my hub has the sound set to blast on the computer, I end up with a heart attack and I wake everyone up. Seriously, Zuzu jumped twice as high as I did and she was sleeping next to me. Hubby woke up, snorted, and asked “fih eh?” thinking the end of the world was coming. Have songs as you wish, but please don’t put them on automatic play, it just means I’m less likely to check out your blog.

2. To everyone who has moving animations on their blog. I’m talking about little weemees or whatever you call them that pace back and forth in their little box, or the flying butterflies, or whathaveyou. Not everyone has huge supercomputers that download megabits at lightening speeds and are unaffected by the overload of moving icons that you just love and feel express who you are. Now, this one doesn’t annoy me as much as the automatic play songs do, it just makes me sad because the internet sucks here in Egypt and if you have a lot of info it will take me +days to open your site. This equals less traffic to your blog. I also had the same problem when using company computers back in the states so its not just being in Egypt. Remember less is more and if it takes forever to open your page then a lot of potential readers are being discouraged and giving up.

3. If you have a blog that asks me to type in some gobblygook verification code in order to post a comment- that shiz is wack, and 9 times out of 10 I will just not comment then because I hate those things. I understand it cuts down on spam, but if you’re having that much spam that you need it you should consider moving to wordpress. They automatically check for spam and kick it off. Its easy as pie.

So please, have some consideration for people who would like to read and/or comment on your blog. You’ve got worthy things to say that I would like to read and maybe comment on. It would make this blogosphere a better place.

Also a note to Brujita’s Cloud, I’d like to read your blog? You’re invite only and I don’t have an invite. *sadface*

Thanks for listening, I hope I didn’t piss anyone off.


12 responses to “A Pet Peeve

  1. I totally agree with the auto-music/Quran. I had mine on auto and changed it cuz it really is annoying. lol@ the ehart attack remark–nearly had a few myself from these things. I have yet to run across the little moving things u r talking about, but I do agree…internet in Egypt sucks!

    As for the Maus…something I read led me to think perhaps their ideas of what qualifies is not very strict. Even some cats they classify as Mau look more like a mix to me. But check it out and see. I’d like to know myself.

  2. I just keep my sound off πŸ™‚

    Too many ppl now have players, so if I open many blogs at once its a real circus!

  3. Yea I say ditto on the automatic songs/surahs. I don’t think anyone reading a blog post is paying attention to the surah anyway so it’s not good. Plus it skips most of the time so it’s disrespectful.

  4. Umm Travis- turning off the sound doesn’t work if there is something I am listening to on my own computer, or if I’m chatting and listen for the dings to let me know my partner responded.

    Yours is one of the blogs with automatic play. Keep the Quran, but make it so it doesn’t play automatically.

    And yes, a circus is what it is with all the people putting players on their pages. Why do they want music aslan? I’m not there to listen, I’m there to read. Its very distracting.

  5. I didnt even realize you could change it not to have automatic play. I am looking at it now, in shaa Allah I will change it sister.


    Am sorry.

  6. don’t worry honey, its just that I really want to read your blog but the music scares me half the death. Or, in your case the “bismillah irrahman irahim” scares me because its loud.

    Some players have it an option for automatic play or not, some are just automatic play. If yours doesn’t have an option, I’d suggest looking for another player.

    inshAllah it will work and I will look forward to reading your blog. πŸ™‚

  7. ok sis its done πŸ™‚ next time just advise me, k? maybe others felt the same as you and i didnt realize.

    i changed that gobbedlygook too hehe. i wanted to for some time but was lazy 😦 hahaha

    oh and mona – good point – i kinda wondered too if it was proper to have Quran or not when ppl are there to read not listen.

  8. I once visited a blog with sufi music on it, and it was late at night and the music was very spooky and for sometime I didn’t know WHERE it was coming from …. vexed me to no end!

  9. LOL, send me your email, I will add you haha

  10. Oh snap… i love pet peeves list. I can’t stand litter bugs, find a trash can people. Haha. Seriously get it off your chest.

    Also, I have no auto music… so you should totally cruise by even though I’m not cool enough to be on wordpress. πŸ™‚
    Love your blog… I just re-found it. I remember it from a while back.

  11. lol @ mezba, I can’t figure out where its coming from half the time as well. So its loud, in the middle of the night, and I can’t find which blog and where the player is. Its so annoying.

    UmmTravis- I wasn’t only talking about your blog dear, there’s more and more blogs who have the same thing. It was a blanket rave. πŸ™‚

    Thanks for changing it, I will definitely be by more often now. πŸ™‚

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