Im such a wuss

I'm such a wuss

I am. actually. cold.

I’ve shamed my Minnesotan heritage.

Seriously though, in the dead of winter Arizona was not even this cold and its still only October. If I survived a God-awful hot summer, I at least deserve an easy winter like in Phoenix.



10 responses to “Brrrrrrrrrrrrr

  1. The difference is in the US, you get inside your house and it’s WARM. Here it’s sometimes colder inside cause the stone walls are like ice.

    HEY, You’ve been tagged!

  2. lol.. so what is the temp sis? I saw 6 degrees last night… that was late at night, but its cooling down quickly here 🙂

  3. I honestly haven’t the faintest idea what the temp was but I doubt it was any cooler than 60F at the coldest.

    Aha yep, according to yahoo weather the official low was 18 C.

    I am therefore officially a wuss.

  4. PS- for American readers, that would be 64F.

  5. In my own defense(!) Egyptian apartments are not equipped with central heating (or any other heating equipment except stand-alone heaters that you plug in and you have to buy yourself) and are in fact completely tiled from one end to the other.

    No carpeting, no insulation, no thermostat, they are built for hot summers and to hell with winter.

    Just sayin’, its not ALL me.

  6. I totally feel you. I spent a few weeks in egypt in December/January, and I was totally not prepared. Some of it is mental – ah, it’s egypt, it’s a desert, therefore, it’s warm. And, some of it is their construction isn’t meant for cold. I seriously had to take every spare blanket in the house and pile it on top of me to stay warm.

    I also only brought one warm shirt, a sweater. Definately not smart. You may not need it during the day, but once the sun goes down, it’s necessary. If you don’t have any sweaters, make sure your mom brings you some when she visits.

  7. Also, if it makes you feel any better, it was 22 degrees this morning with the windchill here. dur.

  8. where’d my comment go?
    Exactly. That’s what I said. It’s the way the flats are, stone walls, tile, its colder inside sometimes!

    BTW you’ve been tagged on my blog!

  9. We got snow here last night, so don’t talk about cold 😉

  10. We are pretty cold here too on the edge of the desert outside Cairo. And it’s only going to get worse! I have an AC that also heats but I am trying verrry hard not to use it–at least this early in the year. At this rate the heat bills will be worse than the AC bills.

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