9 responses to “Not The First Nor The Last

  1. God, talk about a let down! What a great repair man, he has no idea! ugh Sorry Molly.

  2. How frustrating!!!!

  3. ROTFL!!! Well, the two in one thing does exist even if you don’t have one. Kinda makes you wonder about the repair guy though. Maybe you could buy a two in one unit. DH wanted to get one for his sister who has no room for another appliance in her house, but she insisted that it would raise their electric bill too much to dry clothes. I beg to differ, just dry at night when it isn’t peek rates if you ask me!!! And then you won’t have to pay the ironing man to iron everything you own!!!

  4. Oh yea, A dryer would cut down on so much ironing. I have to iron everything and school uniforms too.

  5. an ironing man?? wow… where can I get me one of those!!! as for the dryer… well, you answered it.. are u really surprised? lol

  6. Anyway it sounded too good to be true. Get used to it 😉
    You just have to love those repair men, huh.

  7. I had one of those many moons ago. The dryer function–should u decide to use it–destroys clothes. We’re talking permanent, unironable (is that a word?) wrinkles. A big letdown I know. “Smile…you’re in Egypt” is the slogan uttered a zillion times a day at dh’s work. He’s got me saying it all the time now as well. What else can we do…beat our heads against a wall. Tried that anyway–didnt work. ;-)))

  8. Yes – the dry cycle is actually the spin cycle to us. Drives me nuts sometimes at how they believe the clothes is actually dry like that…

  9. What the hell?! UGH….sadness.

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