I Am

I am an American and I am Muslim. I am no less American for being Muslim and I am no less Muslim for being American. I tell this to all the ignorant Americans who call me unpatriotic and I tell this to all the ignorant Muslims who consider me tainted.

I am a Muslim woman and I am not oppressed. My voice is heard and I speak out loudly.

I cover my head but my head is not bowed. I do not quake at my husband’s voice nor do I fear his hand nor do I quiet my words in fear of his anger.

I am a Muslim woman and I am not less.

I am Muslim and I am not less.

Not less educated, not less worthy, not less questioning, not less proud, not less patriotic, not less strong, and no less willing to fight for my rights, the rights of my people- ALL of my people-, and my right to fight.

I am.


11 responses to “I Am

  1. For some reason I simply cannot understand many people find it difficult to understand how one can be muslim and yet still be american/another culture.

    I am not American, but I feel exactly the way you do!

  2. I couldn’t agree more.

  3. WOW! That is really powerful writing. Very moving masha Allah!

  4. Exactly what I want to say but could never word it like this. Awesome!

  5. …and I fall in love with you all over again. (In a totally platonic, non-women’s prison sort of way)

  6. you crack me up.

  7. Agreed. That was very empowering…
    Although for me it’d be I am no less a Muslim, a woman, or a Syrian because I am Canadian…
    The more the labels the more faults they’re going to find…


  8. Ok, can we think at it from this point of view:

    Is there a possibility that one can be a non-muslim , say a buddhist and still be a SaudiArabian.

    In other words can i write

    “I am an SaudiArabian and I am Buddhist. I am no less SaudiArabian for being Buddhist and I am no less Buddhist for being SaudiArabian. I tell this to all the ignorant SaudiArabians who call me unpatriotic and I tell this to all the ignorant Buddhists who consider me tainted.”

    Doesn’t this statement look heavily one-sided and impossible to achieve in reality

  9. No I don’t consider it one-sided or impossible to acheive in reality.

    You are saying that in order to be Saudi Arabian you must be Muslim which is, in fact, completely false. Not only can a Saudi choose their religion (at least when they are outside of KSA) but those of Saudi blood can be born into a different religion like the son of a Saudi man born to a Christian mother takes the mother’s religion as I have seen many times.

    It is ignorant to think that ethnicity or nationality dictates what religion one can or cannot be.

    And my writing was exactly about that kind of ignorance.

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