5 responses to “Au Naturale

  1. heehee… ooh.. idea sprouted up at a party yesterday to meet a friend in egypt (comin from canada) with another egyptian friend (comin with my from uk) next yr.. so ill keep u posted insha’allah

  2. Give it a try, inshaAllah you might fall in love with them or swear off kids forever. Never know till you try right?

  3. Oh goodness. Been there, done that and it ain’t pretty dear. Unless you are into tons of kiddos! I mean, I’ve got kids myself, but when you have a room full of them – oh boy. And the pay isn’t great in this part of the world (not sure about Egypt).

    No luck in finding anything else?

  4. Well, it will be an interesting experience for sure. I am sure it will beat sitting at home?

  5. Okay sooooo…I worked in a daycare and I was a nanny. I hated…HATED kids. That was only two years ago. Now, here I sit, four months pregnant.

    Organic birth control wears off faster than you think. Watch yourself.

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