Some Updates

The biggest and best news?

We got our washing machine back, alhumdulillah!

And then as icing on top of the cake, the repairman told us it is actually a washer and dryer combo.


Seriously, the clouds parted, the sun shined down, and angels started singing.

I’m so happy and I never thought I would say that about being able to wash clothes.

Zuzu is doing much better, even getting a little roly-poly as every time Mr MM walks by her empty food dish he thinks she’s starving and puts more food on it. Not that she is complaining, and she’s a growing kitten so she needs it, but I’ve told him the ration she is supposed to get each day and to not overfeed her.

She’s so cute, I adore her. She does this weird nursing thing though most times I pick her up and cuddle her. She will start doing the bread kneading thing with her paws and then she will take a little bit of my shirt in her mouth and start sucking. Its so adorable and really endearing but I’ve never had any cat do that to me before. I’m sure it has something to do with my becoming her “mother”, but before anyone thinks its because I took her away from her real mother too early, she is at least three months old (if not closer to four) and was eating solid cat food when I picked her up.

Anyways, she’s a little monkey and scared of nothing which has its disadvantages. Already once she got in trouble for shooting out the door when the washing machine delivery men were here. But other than that she is a great cat and I love her.

I need to buy her some toys. Any other Cairene pet owners have some suggestions for good stores to buy cat toys from? I don’t particularly care for most of the pet stores in Cairo as they keep their animals in disgusting conditions and run inhumane puppy mills. So please, reputable places only. Thank you!

Mr MM and I went and saw House Bunny last night, it was really entertaining. Certainly not wholesome family fun, but definitely a movie I enjoyed (and I have very low tolerance for stupid movies.)

My next post, I think, is going to be on restaurants in Cairo and the best places to go.


7 responses to “Some Updates

  1. Oh wow, the dryer thing..I can seriously understand how happy you are. So after the wash is wrung out, it dries the clothes? How awesome, mashaAllah. I look fwd to the restaurant post!

  2. how about make your own toys? a piece of yarn with something like a strip of fabric tied to the end, if you can get cat nip, rub it on something fuzzy and just give it to her…. they are amazing for making anything seem fun. My cat used to steal dryer lint from the waste basket and carry it and bat it around the house.

  3. Oh girl, let me tell you about the washing machine in our first Cairo flat. It was just this big cylinder that you were suppose to put the clothes, hot water and soap in, and then swish it around with a big stick. Nuh uh, no way!

    Cat toys are really easy to make. Get a stick, tie a piece of string to it, and then something fuzzy and bright to the end of the string. Dangle it in front of the kitty and it excites her hunting instincts. Also, plain ol balls that they can bat around. Paper bags are great too. Maybe make a tunnel out of a few paper bags taped together.

    One thing to watch out for for kitties though is just plain ol string/yarn. They can chew on it and swallow it, and then it could get twisted around their insides.

  4. House Bunny – I bet more than half of that was edited. Especially the part about her working for Playboy?

    Don’t stress about cat toys. The cat’s not going to know and/or care where its source of entertainment originated. I second making your own toys if you can’t find your reputable pet store. The only ones I actually buy are the mice, but those usually wind up lodged beneath the stove or fridge (or any other large piece of furniture/appliance) within a week.
    Cats freaking love feathers. Any large feather (think duster) item is going to work just fine. I pull larger ones out of dusters and play with my cats with it. We also have a large wicker vase of peacock feathers. The ones that are particularly ratty looking after time become cats’ toys.
    My cats play with small stuffed animals. I find them on sale after holidays such as Valentine’s Day or Easter 50% off. I look for ones with whispy tufts of hair or some such.
    Also balls. My cats LOVE to chase balls across the floor. We actually buy the hard rubber ones about the size of ping pong balls out of machines – or just ping pong balls.
    Cats are easily entertained – especially at kitten stage. In our combined household now, we have six cats ranging from one month to four years.
    Prince’s girl mentioned cat nip. It’s a certain kind of mint, so fresh mint will also work. My cats dig through my purse to get my gum which contains mint – trust me it works. They don’t get as stoned from regular old peppermint, but good enough.
    To create a scratching post, you can get a corrugated piece of cardboard, cut it into strips of equal width and height, and glue them stacked on top of each other. Then lay the “holey” side out on the floor. She can sharpen her claws on that.
    If you don’t want to get her declawed (like I don’t – depending on how it’s performed it’s sometimes extremely inhumane in my opinion), I can teach you how to trim the nails, or when I send you your box of goodies, I can include these glue on nail guards. Yes, just like we used to glue on fake manicures, they have ones for cats that make their claws dull.
    All these things I’ve told you seem to distract the herd from driving us crazy.

  5. Salaams Sis:

    Glad Zuzu is doing better!

    As to her behaviors, it is normal. I’ve had kittens do that. Some older cats still do it. I guess it comforts them, Alhamdulillah.

    Oh sis, the washing machine. Man can I relate. I hope to never again have to use a laundromat!

    Take care, dear!

  6. My mother used to make pom-poms from wool for our cats. Sometimes they would just play with it on the floor, other times we would have it somewhere and they entertained themselves for hours!

    Take a look:

  7. hey there is a nice store on road 204 in digla maadi, check that one out its is very small and kind of hard to miss its on the right hand side. on the ss forums I listed a bunch of places you can get things in the substitutes section!!

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