Worried about Zuzu

She’s been having increasingly bad diarrhea since I got her. I think its mostly dietary change, I didn’t have any cat food until this afternoon so she has been eating bread and milk, chicken, and canned tuna since I got her. She was accustomed to cat food as that is what the SPARE lady was feeding her, but I didn’t think the food I’ve given her would affect her so badly.

She’s not lethargic, theres no blood, but I haven’t been able to get past the smell enough to look to see if she has worms. She does lick her butt a lot, more and more often as well. No scooting though.

Any ideas? I want to take her to the vet again if it doesn’t get better now with kitten chow, but the vet I took her to before left today for India. (I got a recommendation for a vet in Degla, but open for others within Maadi if you have any suggestions.)

I’m worried. Plus I don’t want to catch anything myself or my husband will throw us both out on the street. (only half kidding here).

Thanks for any help.

I also washed her today, with Pril as I didn’t have any other soap. It went surprisingly well with little biting and even then it was more warning biting than actual chomping. Didn’t even leave any marks. This cat is super laid back, although miserable and wet at the moment. Poor thing.


9 responses to “Worried about Zuzu

  1. I’ll consult my “Think Like a Cat” book at lunch and see wht they have to say. I’ve been reading through in preparation for getting a kitty soon inshaAllah, but I skipped the section on the icky stuff.

  2. Usually it is the dairy that will do it.

    I give my kittens milk as a treat, and otherwise I leave some water out for them.

    As for washing, I was told before not to wash cats if possible, only once in a while, and if you do, use baby shampoo it is more gentle on their skin. Apparently the soap really dries them out, and cats generally keep themselves clean anyway, alhumdullah.

    Kitten chow is the best food I think, and meat, chicken etc is not bad either. In shaa Allah she will be fine 🙂

    Dont worry!

  3. First off, limit the milk. only a tablespoon a day at most for a cat her size and age. I would cut it out completly actually, Cats are allergic to milk. They are naturally lactose in tolerant.
    Was the tuna in oil or water? if it was in oil, it natually will make her poop more runny, not alot, but it does contribute to it. Also, tuna does make a cats poop really smelly. It doenst hurt her, just is unpleasent for us. Otherwise, tuna is perfectly fine for a cat.

    Cats actually dotn do well when you switch food on them suddenly. If you can get some cat food, try to get a small bit and mix it with the stuff you want to eventually feed her. Her body needs to get used to the new enzymes she has to use to break down the food, and so some of the old will help her keep from getting too sick.

    worms are hard to see, your better off just going to the vet and asking for a generic wormer for a cat. Cats are notorious for having worms so she probably does.

  4. As you know, I’m a cat/animal freak, so you can ask me anything you’d like but here’s some general advice:
    Not to be gross as rice is a largely a part of your diet these days, but if you notice little rice-looking bits dangling from her bum, she’s got worms. Especially if she gets a bulgy tummy and she’s gaseous – you’ve got digestive issues.
    If you’re going to give her milk, limit it and mix it with water. Don’t give her full-out whole milk, especially for a young kitty.
    Tuna’s okay, but again, like someone mentioned, not in oil.
    Don’t give her any raw meat. I know this is a natural diet but since you’re going to have an indoor cat, you want to avoid getting toxoplasmosis (wikipedia it) from her poo-poo in the litter box.
    Kitties don’t do well with dietary changes. Just make sure she’s actually eating and drinking (water) to avoid dehydration and try to put her on an eating routine and stabilize her diet. If the issue doesn’t subside, then take her back to the vet.
    If you want me to, when I send your care package (:-P) I can send some Revolution which is flea/ear mite/and de-wormer wrapped in one. It only lasts for a month, but if she’s going to be exclusively inside now, you probably don’t need to worry about fleas once you have treated her.

    p.s. Mr. B says congrats on the kitty and welcome to the club. lol
    p.p.s. you can change my blogspot blog to my wordpress one on your blogroll if you so desire as I’m not using that one any longer.

  5. I am so excited that you got a kitty! Congrats! She is very adorable.
    Look into this, but I think for diarrhea you can give cats plain white rice with boiled chicken.

  6. I am with the others on the milk thing. Maybe give her some boiled chicken and rice if you can for now instead of hard food… It’s easy on the tummy and might help her get her diarrhea under control. I had a similar problem once with an adopted kitten and it cleared up within a week or so.

  7. It’s the milk, and she probably needs to be dewormed. No, you’re not crazy–I picked up a stray tiger boy not too long ago because he ran out from behind a bush and begged me to feed him. I thought the husband would divorce me–but now he holds the kitty in his lap at night while watching tv.

  8. Cat food is a must… also remember- cats are carnivores– if you run out of cat food, then be sure to give her tuna in water or boiled chicken… rice is okay- but she’s not a dog and her dietary needs are very specific. I’d stick to cat food.

    I’d also make sure she doesn’t have worms.

    Very cute kitty.

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