Brrrincess Zuzu

sleeping on babas leg

after her undesired bath

after her undesired bath


9 responses to “Brrrincess Zuzu

  1. ooh.. shes soo tiny masha’allah.. insha’allah she feels better soon sis.

  2. Errm looks exactly like that cat my neighbors have downstairs.. when it was younger..

    …and i HATE that cat.. it freaked me out twice already by sneaking in my room through the window at like 2-3 am..

  3. Its a lovely creature. Im sorry i was referring to her as “he” in my last post. I hope she feels better now. Giving them milk when having diarrea is a no no. I know is late for that advice but better than never.

  4. Adorable! We once had a kitty like that named dusty.

  5. OH MY G!!!!!!!!!! She looks like my beloved ALEX!!!! No joke!

  6. OMGosh what a cutie! *goes to email pictures to the husband* *hint hint honey we need a cat*

  7. She’s too cute… of course in a few months it will become a cat and they are quite mischievous!

  8. Awwwwwwwww…mashaaaaaaaaaa Allah! What a little sweetheart! That does it–I want a kitty!!!

  9. awwwwwwww
    poor kitty got a bath unexpectedly


    mashAllah looking extra cute 🙂

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