I adopted a kitten today. By adopted I totally mean I found an absolutely adorable and friendly kitten and I brought it home. I went to the house of a woman who runs a shelter here in Cairo with the intention to meet and see if I would like to adopt one of the kittens she has saved. However no matter how cute the puffball was, and oh boy was she cute, she just didn’t capture my heart and I left the apartment thinking of how to word my thanks but no thanks letter.

Leaving the apartment building I was accosted for attention and scratches by a gorgeous gray and cream tabby kitten which, while a street cat, was being nominally cared for by the same woman who runs the shelter. I lost my heart in 2.5 seconds, that record being beaten only by the 2.1 seconds it took for Mr MM to lose his heart, and I brought sweetums home with me. I initially thought it was a boy kitty and I named (him) Zamalek both for the hubster’s favorite soccer team and for the location I found (him) in. I was later told by the vet that she is actually a girl and her name has been changed to Zamaleka and shortened to Zuzu.

She is, having lived with me less than 12 hours at this point, the sweetest cat I have ever seen. I took her to the vet alatool(straightaway) this evening and even while getting painful immunizations she continued to purr in my arms and hide her head against my chest. Instead of being scared of the vet, she rubbed up against his hands even after he administered said painful injections. I’ve lost my heart to a kitten I’ve only had for less than a day, is this usually how it goes?

I went downstairs for a short period of time to chat with the DU crew and when I came up I found Mr MM and Zuzu bonded on the livingroom floor. I was gone all of fifteen minutes and apparently in this time he was able to teach her a trick she refused to show me when he tried to make her do it again.

Already a daddy’s girl. She also then promptly fell asleep with her head on his foot. Yea yea, move over Molly theres a new girl in town.

But neurosis. I’m scared of having some other living creature relying on me. What if I don’t feed her enough or love her enough or do something else that totally ruins her life? I mean, she was a street cat as Mr MM pointed out, I really can’t be worse than that. And I’ve fed her like three times today.


Man, whats it going to be like when I have kids?

I’m freaking this much about a cat?

I will say this though, she is the first pet I’ve ever really had. I had fish when I was younger and a dog when I was very young, but the dog was not something I was responsible for.

This one is all mine. Oh plus Mr MM, he’ll be cleaning the litterbox, even if he doesn’t know it yet. tee hee.


12 responses to “neurosis

  1. LOL..I love cats too. My husband hates them though. 😦

  2. We adopted a ‘mut cat’ from an expat that was leaving and I have to say she is the bomb of a cat! Love her to pieces.

    The other two persians we got are the dumbest things on earth (sorry, kitties!).

    So, molls….any near future plans for kiddos?

  3. When I was still living with my parents, I also adopted a street cat. I have never seen a cat like him – he became the fluffiest, cuddliest cat you have ever seen. I really miss that cat

  4. I’m in love with Alex (as in my cat). I get worried about him when he doesn’t come home after a night of prowling. I notice when he doesn’t eat his normal amount, and sometimes when I feel sad, the only thing I want is to take a nap with my kitty. Call me a freak if you must, but I think you’re experiencing normality.

    P.s. Good thing you got a cat first. They’re good practice – especially about the litter box. It’s a good training tool for diapers.

  5. I remember when i adopted my dog. I was worried about him the whole time. I used to rush back home straight from work just to check that he was ok and take him for a long walk. I cried when i had to go away and place him with relatives. So many sacrifices and so many rewards at the same time. Unconditional love and company. Anyway cats are less afectionate and more independient. He will show you his needs, dont worry too much. You will be surprised.

    I follow your blog since the beginning. I was also married to an egyptian man (the love of my life) and used to travel to Cairo often. Im happy for you to have such a lovely husband and understanding man. I remember your comment talking about when your husband was asleep and your feelings for him at that moment. I used to feel the very same.

    Sé feliz hermana, te seguiré y gracias por tu maravilloso blog.

  6. Aw, Pics please!! It’s normal to worry…when we had MishMish..a few days in we looked in every place possible and couldn’t find him, we were soo worried it had been 2 hours and we Finally found him balled up in a drawer! By the way we’re for Ahly here!

  7. Oh I sooooooooo want a cat. I think my dog might object though 😉

  8. Mama Mona- you and everyone else in Egypt. lol.

    Lola- gracias hermanita, espero q encuentres todo q quieras en mi blog 🙂

  9. Take it this way. Practice before having little kittens of your own. 🙂

    As for me, I’ll stick with hamsters, fishes and birds.

  10. Well, welcome to the new family member! I’m sure Zuzu will fit right in. 😉 Beware though: cats are more responsibility than one would normally think!

    And with a name like Zamaleka – well, she’s a winner.

  11. We feed our cat twice a day, once in the morning before leaving for work and once in the evening. And little too, you don’t want to overfeed.

  12. Mohamed- its nice to find another Zamalek fan. It appears we’re few and far between. But you know how it goes, people tend to cheer for teams that actually win…

    Mezba- my husband, every time he sees her food dish empty, says “feed her! she’s hungry!”

    Yep, she’s got a bit of a belly already.

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