Hypocrisy 1 Logic 0

Multiple times now I’ve seen the video for a famous Arabic song where the singer is the driver and his love-interest is the indifferent woman he’s driving. She is, it being an Arabic video of course, dressed in something slinky and low-cut and wearing probably five pounds worth of make-up and hair extensions. Where is the hypocrisy in this?

There are multiple birds-eye-view shots from above that pretty much aim right down into her cleavage. Whatever right? Then comes the portion of the video where she withdraws a cigarette and  smokes it…


Massive amounts of cleavage? Sure, why not.

A woman smoking? BLASPHEMY!

Sometimes I just don’t understand the Middle East.

I know I’m going to get back to the US and watch movies I watched in the theaters here and find massive portions of kissing/sex scenes that were not in the version I first saw.

No big deal, the only time I noticed it was watching ‘Wanted’ and the editing job was REALLY BAD.

Oh, and another thing. Songs in Arabic that include bad words or sexually explicit lyrics are properly banned here, but it is extremely common to walk into restaurants, be waiting for the movie to begin, or be shopping in stores and hear uncensored versions of 50 Cent and Eminem rap songs. Every other word is a cuss word and the entire song is about chasing a particularly fine piece of ass.

Seriously people, just because its in English doesn’t make it ok.


5 responses to “Hypocrisy 1 Logic 0

  1. I’m not familiar with the video you’re talking about but there are some really raunchy videos and women on arabic music channels.
    It’s really weird. They will cut out the weirdest stuff and leave in dialog that is 50% F-bombs.
    You know that “Friends” episode where Monica writes a bad review about an Italian restaraunt and the Chef comes over to complain to her and she goes “You own an Italian restaurant and you think this is sauce….Where are you even from?” Then the guy mutters “Lebenon” The cut that out on mbc! I was like Wha?

  2. apparently its offensive to Lebanese to say they can’t cook sauce?

  3. I remember watching The Axis of Evil comedy tour where a man is talking about his cousins in Jordan cursing up a storm in English because they don’t believe God understands English.

    My friend Mary, being around tons of Muslim male classmates thought it was hilarious, but I don’t think any of our friends got that joke because they were all, “OH MY GOD! HE SAID ALLAH DOESN’T UNDERSTAND ENGLISH! HE CLAIMS TO BE MUSLIM!? WHAT A F—— SON OF A B—-!! HARAM! HARAM!”

  4. Ohhhh–hahaha–this is a great post! I have long had the same thoughts myself. I have definitely heard the F word here on TV more than I heard it on the street in USA—hahaha–geeez!

  5. Salam sister,

    Been enjoying your blog for a while now!

    I know exactly what your talking about, but you know, honestly, I don’t think anyone is listening to English lyrics in music, and no one (Egyptian) really knows how offensive the f-bomb is. It’s in English, so that’s all that matters. It’s kinda like when you see on shirts/sweatshirts, some English letters are just thrown together to make a “word” when us English readers know that it makes no sense. Like, my daughter has a shirt from Egypt that says “ASKFLYNS” It drives me crazy every time she wears it. All that matters is that it’s English. No one really cares what’s being said or what it says.

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