So Very True, Even in Islam

I mean the Jesus/Apocalypse reference.

but really stolen from here

7 responses to “So Very True, Even in Islam

  1. Fantastic. I’m currently blogging about my experience at the Obama rally.

    But really, I can just hear Palin address the nation in her nasally tone after McLame one night kicks off in his sleep:
    “My feyellow Americans, I regret to inform you that due to our current state of eeconomic disaster, I have just sold our country to my best friends and next door neighbors, Russia. Aww, heck, don’t get upset, now. You betcha I tried my best to find us a solution, but really, this is all I can do. No need to worry though – they prahmissed they wouldn’t forcefully throw us out for a few months.”

    Talk about apocalypse.

  2. Ha@ Amie! Where’s your blog link?

  3. Amers, I’m gonna try to fix that for you.

  4. Now linked.

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