Meet Yaseen

Born October 6th in the wee hours of the morning

Ya habib-albi



No he’s not mine, I haven’t been holding out on you guys. He’s my brand-spankin’ new (he even sparkles!) nephew and the apple of both my and Mr. MM’s eyes.

Ya helw, ya gameel, ya ghali, yasoosoo! bahebak!

Those of you who have the pass can see more pictures in the post below.

Rules for having the password:

1. I know you, you have commented on my blog before.

2. You’re female, if I password protect any pictures its because they include photos of me.

If you fit both of the criteria then please email me at mollyannelian [at] gmail [punto] com


3 responses to “Yasoosoo!

  1. I can almost smell that new baby smell off that new baby head! MashaAllah.

  2. What an adorable baby, Masha’Allah.

  3. oo habibi! Mash’Allah 🙂

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