Shout-outs v.2

Ok I remembered a couple and instead of editing I decided to post another shout-out.

Its my blog, I can do what I wanna.

I want to REMIND EVERYONE that the Brass Crescent Awards are now accepting nominations! Head over and nominate that blog you really, really love. Or just nominate me. Whatever.

I also want to shout out Mr. Moo who posted a bunch of Ramadan/Eid lolcats including one which fits exactly how I feel whilst making tea at one o-clock in the afternoon:

Mr. MM is probably wondering exactly why I’ve been making him so much tea…. because I CAN!

This is also a really great example of how Eid prayer was:

second-class lolcats

second-class lolcats


And one more because they crack me up. This is the number one cause of death in Ramadan:

click to enlarge

click to enlarge

I also want to know if any of my fellow Cairo expats knows of the location of the Humane Society in Maadi. Or in Cairo for that matter.

And end scene.


4 responses to “Shout-outs v.2

  1. Those lol cats are so great!


    this is the only one I know about, there are some in Maadi as you said, we called one loking for a cat but they said they didnt have cats. So it depends on what you’re looking for, but I think SPARE is the biggest organization here, it is near to the pyramids… however, like everything else here in Egypt, I kind of question their services, I wasnt too impressed when I went there, and ended up getting cats from an online ad.

    Hope that helps šŸ˜‰

  3. Ah the Brass Crescent Awards. This year’s entries should be fun. I am looking forward to getting some new blogs to read.

  4. Those are hilarious! I just stumbled across your blog so expect to see me around a few times!

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