Some Shout-outs

In the past I’ve shouted out a few bloggers I particularly like, especially if I feel that they’re not being read by enough people to appreciate the fine art of their blogging.

Firstly I want to shout-out my good friend Amie who is hilarious and writes about the stuff I don’t have the cojones (or the patience) to write about; like this post on abortion, sex-education, and the Republican agenda. She also wrote a hilarious post about men and how to be married to them which, despite only having been married for a year, is quite a well-informed and honest look at what makes men tick. Apparently she’s right-wing and yet staunchly supports Obama (hmmmm mom, what do you think?)

I also want to shout-out another good friend of mine Rahma who posts a lot about Islam and the issues facing our Ummah in America. She’s from the Twin Cities as well and knows the ins and outs of Muslim Community there, and she’ll tell it how it is. She’s also pretty groovy with the sufi stuff and she knows a lot in hadeeth and the different madhabbs in Islam. She posts a lot of links to free lectures and online courses, as well as recipes for going vegetarian which she’s slowly working towards.

There are a bunch more things I wanted to shout-out but I’m pulling a complete blank at the moment.

Shall edit at future time when and if I ever remember what they were.


3 responses to “Some Shout-outs

  1. Thanks for the links!

  2. Thanks for the shout out, Lovely!

  3. Awww, shout back to my girl in Cairo 😀

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