11 responses to “Excersize in Futility

  1. Haha, time for someone to invest in a dryer.

  2. yuck! I was only in algeria for 2 weeks and the lack of dryer got on my last nerve. I can’t imagine having to deal with that long term. The only difference is that my clothes were covered with lovely red dust. The clothes feel like a rock after line drying. Let’s not even get into how crappy the washing machines are. Us americans sure are spoiled by our big fancy washers and dryers.

    Did you know they sell all in one washer/dryers? They look just like those front loading euro style washers they have there, but they dry too. Maybe you can invest in one of those when you get a job…..seriosly though.

  3. I really would too, if there was a place we could rent a dryer from I’d be all over it. But even the rich people here have their maids line dry their clothes. Its absurd.

    I miss the washer and dryer in my basement at home. Man, I miss laundromats! I’d be all over one of those as well! Something! Anything!

    Pretty soon I’ll resort to hanging panties and undershirts to dry all over the house. I can’t stand it.

    And yes, everything is rock hard when you pull it off the line. At first, when I was handwashing, I thought I wasn’t washing enough of the soap out, but apparently thats just how it is.

    Oh, how I miss home.

  4. I am so with you. I swear this is why I procrastinate laundry so much. I hate going out into the hot sun to put stuff on the line and pull it all off again. I can’t understand why rich people don’t get a dryer man, If I could that would be the first thing I’d buy. One of those new fancy shmancy washer dryer sets! A girl can dream. Yea and your towels feel like newspaper but I’ve learned to appreciate that. When I’m at someone’s house, I know that the towel is fresh from the line if it’s stiff as a board!

  5. you also know clothes are clean if they can stand up by themselves.

    Mr. MM: Honey are these underwear clean?
    Me: I don’t know, can you fold them in half?
    Mr. MM: Not really.
    Me: Ok, they’re clean.

  6. LOL @ rich people have their maids line drying clothes. Why would rich people invest in a dryer for other people to use?? Maids are supposed to be worked to death and payed very little. That’s how the boss got rich anway.

  7. Buy a couple of extra, cheap sheets and pin them over your clothes. Clothes take a little longer to dry, but it keeps off the dust (well, and creates more laundry, but no solution is perfect).

    I never did work out how to deal with grit kicked up from the street though. Although my clothes did miraculously stop coming in board stiff when I stopped listening to the advise of others and started using a hot wash and extra long rinse cycle.

  8. AAArgh. I just lost my comment.

    Do like the others suggest – get that all-in-one! The LG model runs about $750 and you don’t have to have a vent for the hot air to blow out. Only problem is that it’s small. Would be ok for you and the hub.

  9. I can so relate when I was in Dubai for my vacation last year. The whole city is covered in smog and haze and it’s no use having a clothesline.

  10. I always thought that the clothes came out stiff if they dry too quickly. In the summer, I put mine up in the evening, and get them down in the morning before the sun gets too hot. Now I put them in a glassed in veranda, so they don’t really get much direct sun at all, and they are not stiff. I have been line drying our clothes for the 14 years we have been here, plus 3 or 4 years that we lived in LA before that. Why pay money and burn fossil fuel to do what Allah does for free? Not that I don’t miss the dryer in the coldest part of the winter!

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