Parlez-vous Francais?

Of all my personal abilities and attributes I have come to find myself hired to translate a document from French into English.

Me, whose last extensive conversation in French occurred nigh on five years ago (the staggering convo I blundered my way through last month with the french-convert staying with downstairs Uncle notwithstanding), expected to make it through a four page document. ASAP, of course.

Ya rab!

But, God being the most Merciful, I have found a secret weapon.

Oh Google Translate, I think I’m falling in love with you.

What awesomeness is this: a instantaneous computer program that is competent enough to translate “le pays du Cèdre” into “Lebanon”?

Google, you are my hero.


Molly + Google Translate = Luv 4ever

Like, totally less than 3.


12 responses to “Parlez-vous Francais?

  1. just a note before any francophones start freaking out, I would never translate “le pays du Cedre” (the land of Cedar) into plain “Lebanon.”

    What caught me off guard was the fact that a computer translation program is programmed to RECOGNIZE CULTURAL REFERENCES!!!!

    Its like it has a brain…. and its reading exactly what I’m writing about.


    And way cool.

    Also just for some more random reference, in France apparently modeling is considered an art right along with woodcarving, ceramics, photography, and drawing.

    Who woulda thunk it?

  2. Oh my – google translator in Arabic is just a nightmare! Glad to hear the French one is better…

  3. Salam Molleh Mollynita

    How are you? You still feeling the housewife funk? I have no assvice to give. I really love it some days and I hate it some days. Woot! I hope you find the job you want, eventually. Nadamas estoy popping in para decirte que yo tambien te hecho de menos. Espero que tu Ramadan esté llendo bien. Cuidate Molilla. heheheh. I could make a thousand variations ^_^ Mollyjita

  4. salam molly
    visit my blog!!!

  5. *too

    not to

    Im stupid today

  6. alhamdulillah 🙂 might try that… i found to be a new best friend, but then it sometimes translates sentences weirder than I know they are (testing my language skills hehe)

  7. Ammena, freetranslation used to be my best friend, but since finding google translate I have moved on to greener pastures. Now, I haven’t checked Spanish mostly because I don’t need it, but the french was fabulous. What language are you translating?

    I guess the Arabic version sucks, maybe for lack of Arabic speaking programmers.

    Umm Travis, you rock. Thanks honey.

    Gulnari me das risa! Eres un tesoro. TQ Mucho mucho mucho.

  8. Salam sister,

    I’m actually a french revert, so if you need any help with the translation, I’ll be able to help u INSHALLAH!

    Ramadan Kareem!


  9. what about wordreference, have you tried it?

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