Would you be my FOB?

I really want to
eat ta’meyya and fuul
you’ll be my egyptian boy.

ganked from forsoothsayer
created by these guys

za number one saeedi sound
your boy Safwat about to get down
za hottest city in za world right now
my home, I call it Cairo town
bet zey give me a pound
put a g’neh in my hand right now
most of za women wear bed sheets
we jus stole zis song beat

I like how u speak, u say zat and zere
and all that greasy gel in your hair
I really want to, eat tameya and fool
u’ll be my egyptian boy, egyptian boy

can we get away this weekend
take me to nile bay
tea n sheesha and backgammon at any cafe
let’s go on the subway, take me to yo hood
Zamalek, Shobra, Giza, Heliopolis is good
Dress in all ur fobby clothes
I love you to death, but you got the nastiest B.O.
tunes on yo cell phone, too much cologne
please be my egyptian boy, egyptian boy


Smoke sheesha on a felucca
American people call it hookah
unfortunately, ur stuck in traffic with me
there’s cars always broken, down down
it’s gonna clear up, now now
don’t pinch me, ow ow
I have a bruise, now now

I’m Egyptian, stella is what I’m drinkin
a belly dancer, don’t be blinkin
no pants ya, just a galabeya, hike it up a lil, maybe she be peekin

Egypt’s a sauna, water is what I wanna
Our Nile is my hydration
mother of civiization

There’s 81 million folk
and that my friend is no funny joke
Anwar was president before
now Mubarak keeps Egyptians broke
all the cars are triple parked
paying off the cops is my favorite part
the donkeys carry that tra a a ash
live in a pyramid, no where near it
we don’t ride camels asses
that Egyptian status
There’s nothing like it
so cool, u can’t deny it

would u be my FOB my FOBx3
would u be myyyyyyx3
would u be my Egyptian Boy
Egyptian Boy


3 responses to “Would you be my FOB?

  1. Hilarious 😀
    Thanks for sharing.. I checked forsoothsayer’s blog too..

  2. omg this is sooo funny

  3. Omg, that is so funny! Thanks for posting the lyrics.

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