F*ck Fox News

Hilarity! I love it. It gets good around 1:35 none of the protesters would talk with Fox News (good for them) and then listen to what all of the people begin shouting at the reporter and the camera.

14 responses to “F*ck Fox News


  2. hahahaa.. thats hilarious.. and they carried on shooting for soo long too πŸ˜› I wonder if anyone really realised

  3. A chance to get to voice an opinion on national TV, get a message out to share what you believe in and what gets said? “F*ck Fox News”… effective use of the media there kids!!

    This just doesn’t inspire much hope in me for the future of the Democratic party…

  4. AHAHAHA! This “march thing” They are clueless.

  5. Mom- they don’t want to voice themselves on a station that is notorious for their bullshit politics and far right-wing agenda. Had it been a respectable channel they probably would have spoken.

    But then again, you’re republican πŸ˜›

  6. Why not voice themselves on the “enemy” station.. and try sounding intelligent while doing so. Instead they act like idiots so the “bullshit politics and far right-wing agenda” is fortified by their behavior…

    And I am about the most central line Republican you will ever meet πŸ˜›
    Love you!! Mom.

  7. Look at the reporter and how stupid he is, he decides that because the protest leaders won’t talk to him they apparently don’t believe in the freedom of speech. How the hell is that? They’re protesting! How does not wanting to talk to an idiot who is only interviewing them in order to twist their words later and and ask incendiary questions mean that they don’t believe in the freedom of speech??

    So he goes off into the crowd with this obviously illogical conclusion and begins to badger the protesters in a confronting manner “So why don’t you believe in the freedom of speech?”

    I wouldn’t talk to the moron either.

  8. A moron, he was. I was thinking the same thing, Um…How did he come to the conclusion that they were against free speech?

  9. Believe me I am no fan of the confrontational style BS that both sides use when trying to antagonize.

    Fair enough, his approach was as moronic as their response. Enough said πŸ˜‰
    Love you!! Mom

  10. Oh.. by the way, I was corrected by your gramma, who pointed out that these kids were protesting, not necessarily Democratic. I detract my comment on my the future of the Party. I do, however, still have concerns about your generation… as all good “older” adults usually do about the “younger” generation πŸ™‚

  11. my response is πŸ˜›

    love you.

  12. ps- it doesn’t look like it but I am sticking my tongue out.

  13. Hahaha that is quite funny. Thanks for sharing

  14. Too cool. Thank you for sharing it hun!

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