8 responses to “You know its hot

  1. Ahhh perspective… you couldn’t wait to leave the snow and ice!!! LOL *pffft*

    I hope MM had a good birthday!

    Still waiting to hear something back from the travel agent from Gate1… in the meanwhile, the price of the tour has gone up… and up… and up. Another week and I am going to book our flights and wing it from there!!

    Did you do anything fun for MM’s birthday?

    Love you!

  2. nah he doesn’t like to celebrate birthdays. But he moaned for a few seconds about getting old. I was gonna ask you about the trip, I was thinking about it last night. I really think it will be easier for you guys to just come and stay with us and everything else we will book together. If the price is up then its not really as good of a deal as it originally was. Love you mom.

    ps- I said VACATION in the snow and ice, not “have to drive to work while your car is stuck in a snow drift at 7am and your fingertips are numb” snow and ice. Big diff.

  3. Wait a minute!! You mean people actually spend VACATION time to see snow and ice??!! I’ll stick to the Caribbean and Egypt 🙂

    Tell MM that when he comes here he has no choice but to celebrate birthdays… ‘cuz I SAID so, that’s why 🙂

    My shift was crazy after 4am today, so I am wired and will have a difficult time falling asleep…glad I could find a note back from you before I go put on my sleeping mask and attempt some relaxation methods.

    Love you!! Mom

  4. 08 08 2008 Chinese say lucky day !
    heat, put a wet ice band around you forhead
    and pray for rain. miss ya/and love ya more.
    Love your way of writting. you do a great job.

  5. Being preggo, as I am, I have discovered how incredibly sensitive I have become to the heat. We don’t have a/c (because of some…neo-hippy “let’s be more green” reason…meh), so I’m literally sweating buckets. I have a newfound respect for those Masri Mamas who pop out soccer teams in the Cairene heat.

  6. you wont like snow.. trust me!

  7. Thanks for the heads. So on my to do list I have live in Egypt but not in August. Hmmmm might be a great time to be on Holiday state side. Oh and just wait til next year when part of Ramadan is during thi oh so hot month, or the year after…..

    Well future expat here, I think, definately looking forward to an Early Spring visit to Zagazig Egypt in Feb. 09 and maybe a possible relocation between Fall’10 and Winter’13.

    Oppps er huh was this a family conversation, you know a private blog???

    Well glad to make your acquaintence (sp?). My name is Ayesha.

  8. What exactly would you be doing at the Ministry of Justice? Register your marriage in Egypt? Mine only took 5 minutes after we got all the papers ready

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