B is for Bureaucracy

Today we went to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to take care of some paperwork given to us by the US Embassy. We entered into a clean, brightly-lit, air conditioned room that was not crowded and were called within five minutes to get the necessary stamps, paid the small fee, and were done in less than ten.

This is in direct opposition to our experience at the Ministry of Justice less than an hour before where we entered into a run-down, dirty, un-lit, and non-air conditioned building filled to the walls with random people waiting around with the patience (and facial expressions) of donkeys expecting to be hitched to a cart. There we waited to be called, got nothing done, and were dismissed summarily with a list of stupid and unnecessary things we “needed” to do before we could get the single stamp we came for.

Why can’t everything run like the Ministry of Foreign Affairs? And if I have to wait around why can’t it be in a clean air-conditioned place like that? The one place that was at least comfortable was the place I stayed the least amount of time for.

Its just not fair.

InshAllah moving into our flat in Maadi tomorrow, I am looking forward to being in my own place and no longer living out of my suitcase (and also having reliable internet). Not that I don’t enjoy my gorgeous twin neices (Nunu and Gameela if you recall) but I’m a bit tired of three-year old fists pounding on the bedroom door at three am because they’re still awake and want to play.

Funny anecdote. My husband loves to play fight with them, and they’re so adorable because they’re so much smaller than him but just as feisty. One night after sparring a bit, something like swatting at gnats, he ran into our bedroom with Gameela hard on his heels shaking her {tiny} fists in the air yelling “Fih haga tani?! Fih haga tani?!” Which could loosely be translated as, “Is that all you got punk?!”

So cute, mashAllah.

I’m going to miss them.

For future reference, I will be collecting a pile of rocks on my balcony for the kerosene sellers who come by at 8:30 am banging on the metal containers with a wrench and calling out at the top of their lungs. Its completely unnecessary, what Egyptians are awake buying gas for their stoves at that time of the morning? What Egyptians are awake at that time period?

I’m only hoping that things are quieter when I get to Maadi and I don’t need to go to jail for beaning a 70 year-old woman selling kerosene.

Edit: And by kerosene I actually meant propane, as UmLayla pointed out.


3 responses to “B is for Bureaucracy

  1. Yahoo for places of your own! I’m kind of experiencing….well, the effects of living with family as of late. I have zero patience remaining.

    On another, somewhat related note, beaning old ladies sounds like a good time. May I join?

  2. HijabiApprentice

    Nothing to add but HAHAHAHAHA @ “Fih haga tani?! Fih haga tani?!” Which could loosely be translated as, “Is that all you got punk?!”

  3. You know, you might not need to save up on the rocks after moving to Maadi. In our apartment in Madeenat Naser we were hard pressed to find that propane tank banging dude. I think by the second week with no propane in our place DH would’ve jumped off the balcony at 2 AM to get a tank if he heard that dude!ROTFL!!! Of course once we did get one we found out the fittings on the range were all wrong anyway… And now the building our apt is in has been converted to natural gas anyway… So I guess now those guys NEVER go to that area.

    Anyway, sound like things are good masha’Allah. You’ll be more comfortable in your own place though. I can’t imagine sharing space with family for more than a few days as newlyweds (which you still are IMHO after being apart for so long). I know DH and I had a few red faced moments while hosting my SIL when we were first married!LOL

    Best of luck with the moving;)

    **big sigh** hope we make it there this year!!!! You’re making me all nostalgic;)

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