Fih Wifi?

Right now I am in Alexandria in full view of the Stanley Bridge and the Mediterranean Sea (don’t be too jealous) at a small pretensious cafe called Beano’s. Forget the strains of Molotov running through my head at the name (no me llames fijolero pinche puto punetero)its somewhat late in the afternoon after having skipped our way through San Stefano’s Starbuck’s, Cilantro, Costa, and the other Beano’s with no luck at wifi. Here we are.

English music, English magazines, and a waitstaff that somewhat kind speaks English I ordered a glass of orange juice to be served Tang.

Hm, Egypt. Arabic for irony.

Marsa Matruh was gorgeous, seriously do they like put food coloring in the sea to make it that color? I will post some of the pics hubster and I took once we are settled in to our flat in Maadi inshAllah.

Oh I am so tired of traveling.

I have one interview/meeting set up for later this week inshaAllah, make du’a that I find a job that not only pays well but I find fulfillment in. This is almost as important to me as pay.

I must sign off for now, But I promise to post the million and one stories I already have in my head. Seriously, all the things I’ve seen already…

Again everyone who has asked me for the password, please email me: mollyannelian[at] so I can keep track of you. Hopefully when I get online again I can send you, then, the password.

Signing off for now-

That Lost American Chick in Egypt.


10 responses to “Fih Wifi?

  1. Wifi? Mafeesh. LOL!!! I seriously doubt you will have that problem in Cairo. It’s my understanding there are plenty of Internet cafes with wifi there. Of course this is according to my niece who may or may not be just pretending that she knows what wifi is!ROTFL

    Maadi???? You’ll have to tell me how it is living there. That is my preferred location since my Arabi is non-existent. I have heard it’s great, but everyone keeps insisting that Heliopolis is the place for young families… And our friends are there, so maybe.

    Uhhhh, I am green with envy. Insha’Allah things are going well for you there;)

  2. lol eisa cracked up when I told him you ordered OJ and got TANG! hehehe Well, it is orange right? ;p have fun! miss you!

  3. Subhan’Allah, that you made it safely there. Insha’Allah you will be granted all of the things you are searching for, a job, a nice place to live. May Allah bless you and your family, and make Egypt a place where you grow together.

    Asalaam Alaikum,


  4. Yay! I can’t wait to see the Alexandria pictures.

    Since you have flickr, you made add a few photos on there and allow your flickr friends to view them 🙂

  5. Hope you had a wonderful time in Matruh, i used to spend some part of my summers there when i was a kid, so it´s really close to my heart! A wonderful spot for a honeymoon.

    I hope that everything works out smoothly, and wish you and your husband all the best in this new chapter of your life.

  6. salam sis, insha’allah youre doing well over there. I know u must be tired but take it all in, soon you will be too settled to do any of this 😛 insha’allah you show some pics soon.. question, are you going to be using the same password for all of your protected posts? hmm, should probably make sure I have the last email you sent me with it on if not.. Ill let ya know insha’allah 😀 hey.. fancy picking up some magnets for me on ur travels? That could be my reason of having to meet you in the near future insha’allah, otherwise a postcard would be VERY cool 😀 fi amenallah

  7. I can’t help but be slightly jealous, dude. You’re in Alex. Where I should be. *sigh* InshaAllah soon. But I hope you’re enjoying it. When I told my husband you were in Alex he was like, “OMG – did she go [here]? Did they eat [there]?” I said, “No, they’re in a yuppie cafe named after an anti-gas medicine.”

    I hope you have fun!!! Send my regards to Egypt and tell her I’m coming soon inshaAllah!!!

    Love ya, lovely!

  8. Mafeesh wifi! Hehehe. Well, I’m having the same trouble in Ramallah if that makes you feel any better — only I don’t have a view of the sea. 🙂
    Have a great time in Alexandria — ditch the “north coast” strip of pretentious and ugly beach houses and focus on the real cities (Alexandria and Marsa Matrouh).

    I’ve always wanted to go further than Matrouh.. all the way to Salloum, and, why not, even beyond… why not? 🙂

    Have a great summer!

  9. Glad to hear you’re well! Sounds beautiful… Can’t wait to see the pics. & the tang made me laugh…

  10. Alhamdulillah you’ve arrived safe and sound!

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