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  1. Salaam Aleikum.

    I remembered that your big move was today – I’m so pleased I remembered!!

    InshALLAH everything will go without a hitch. May ALLAH reward you for your bravery and commitment to him by making this as easy as possible for you.

    My thoughts and Du’aa are with you at this momentous time.


  2. Glad to see you’ll be keeping up w/ a blog still! I was wondering about that. I’m looking fwd to reading it while you are there… I wish I could go to Egypt lol.

    As for everything else… it will be all right. We all get nervous before big *moves*.

  3. Insha’allaah khier, dear. Before you know it, you’ll be there and won’t even remember how that jittery feeling felt.

  4. Hope you made it there safely and are having a fabulous time!

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